Best Kingdom Come Deliverance Mods So Far (Updated)

Restore Halberds Mod

Download the Mod Here

Update 10/29/18: Since the latest 1.3 KC:D patch, this mod behaves a bit differently and has to be installed differently. Info can be found at the bottom of this slide. 

If you've tried to spend any time actually using the polearms in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you now that at launch, it's pretty much an exercise in futility.

While polearms offer great reach and damage, you can't actually equip them as a weapon, use anything in your off-hand, or set them on your horse. Can't sell 'em, can't upgrade your skill with 'em, and can't put 'em in your inventory either.

Except that with the Restore Halberds mod, you can!

This amazing mod fixes everything that is terribly wrong with polearms, turning them into the equivalent of any other weapon type. They can go in your inventory, you can upgrade their skill at the trainer, they can be sold, you can equip another object in your off hand, and you no longer have to set them down constantly.

How to install correctly according to Nexus user Norkan

1. Create a folder called "Mods" inside of your main game folder.
2. Create a folder for your mod inside the of the "Mods" folder. Name doesn't matter, I named mine "Halberds".
3. Inside of the "Halberds" folder create a folder named "Data".
4. Place the .pak file inside of the "Data" folder.

Published Feb. 16th 2018

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