Incognito Fallout 4 footage from Gamescom featured on Pornhub

A rogue viewer at Gamescom filmed Fallout 4 footage incognito and it's been listed and viewed on Pornhub.

A few lucky attendees at Gamescom were presented with Fallout 4 footage never before seen by the general public; where one viewer recorded some tidbits of gameplay that's been spreading around the internet like the plague.

After being taken down by websites such as YouTube, the footage has found a home amongst the Pornhub website. 

Terrible footage output, but such an uproar

While the footage filmed at Gamescom isn't the best format and honestly very shotty, hardcore Fallout fans have been gushing over the partial screen view that this ballsy attendee filmed. The video has been removed from all file-sharing websites and YouTube upon its discovery, but somehow it's remained intact on the Pornhub website under the title "HIDDEN CAMERA SHOWS AUDIENCE TEASED BY BIG BUTT MAN IN TIGHTS LIVE." For decency reasons we won't link the video here, but you're free to check it out for yourself, but know that there will be some inappropriate content for young viewers and the work environment. 

The seven-minute long video has been hidden under the radar from Bethesda by using tagged categories such as "big ass," "POV," and "homemade."

While it's gained popularity with over 100,000 views, it's hard to grasp the hype about the video due to the terrible visuals and audio. While it is giving out some gameplay information, it does lack quality.

Fallout 4 Hype Products

There is still just under two months left before Fallout 4 launches on November 10th, and Bethesda has been doing their job in building hype among their fans. A few ways Bethesda has been keeping everyone on their toes includes some retail items they've been announcing that accompany the gameplay for Fallout 4.

One of the giant products Bethesda has launched is the Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide for assistance in the game, and the Fallout Anthology that includes all released games up until Fallout 4

Do you think this quality of video is worth the hype that's been going around the internet?

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Published Aug. 12th 2015
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