Are There Romance Options in Hogwarts Legacy?

Romance played a key role in both the Harry Potter book series and movie adaptations, but is it an option in Hogwarts Legacy?

Romance played a key role in both the Harry Potter book series and movie adaptations, but is it an option in Hogwarts Legacy?
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Romance served the plot well in both the Harry Potter book series and movie adaptations, but is it present in Hogwarts Legacy? Some may be wondering if there are romance options in the record-breaking game title, given the introduction of so many new characters, story options, and side quests. 

Fans of new characters like Professor Garlick and Sebastian Sallow may be disappointed to learn that there is currently no option for romance in Hogwarts Legacy. With no DLC plans in sight, it’s unlikely that the feature will be introduced down the line, but there are ways to get to know your professors and fellow classmates.

You can enrich your character’s story depending on how you interact with other characters like Sebastian Sallow and Natsai “Natty” Onai. While both appear in the main story, their exclusive side quests provide you with different experiences and rewards, though there is no romance involved.. 

Get to Know Professor Garlick and Others 

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While the professors at Hogwarts aren’t always available to speak with you, there are occasions on which you can strike up conversations with Professor Garlick, Professor Sharp, and others in Hogwarts Legacy. If you speak with them, you can ask them questions about themselves and learn more about their unique backgrounds.

This provides some meaningful insight into how some of your favorite professors came to teach at Hogwarts, including Professor Garlick, who began by filling in for another professor. There are no quests or rewards associated with getting to know your professors in Hogwarts Legacy, but it does help to immerse you in the story. 

Relationship Questlines for Sebastian Sallow and Natty Onai 

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From the moment you choose either Sebastian or Natty to accompany you on your first trip to Hogsmeade in Hogwarts Legacy, you will have in-game opportunities to follow relationship questlines which are exclusive to these characters. While these quests don’t necessarily change the direction of the plot, they allow you to explore the world of Hogwarts Legacy alongside friends and make choices that help to develop your own character as you progress through the main story.  

Regardless of whether you choose Sebastian or Natty as your traveling companion and Crossed Wands teammate, you will have access to both relationship questlines, so don’t worry about missing out on learning the Unforgivable Curses that are exclusive to Sebastian’s questline if you initially befriended Natty. 

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