Hogwarts Legacy: Sebastian Sallow Questline Guide

Slytherin student Sebastian Sallow is featured heavily in Hogwarts Legacy. Here's the rundown on his quest line.

There are a variety of NPCs you can meet and interact with in Hogwarts LegacyEven if you didn't choose Slytherin during the Sorting Hat Ceremony, Sebastian Sallow plays a large part in your time at the wizarding school. Offering a variety of quests, both in the main storyline and as side content, he is the only way for you to learn any of the unforgivable curses. Here's his complete questline so you know what to follow.

All Sebastian Sallow Quests in Hogwarts Legacy

Meeting Sebastian Sallow

You meet Sebastian for the first time in Defense of the Dark Arts class during a bout of dueling. From there, you and he will become good friends. You can pick him to show you to Hogsmeade the first time, and you can choose to "fight" alongside him in future duels. He teaches you the disillusionment spell as he aids you in breaking into the Restricted Section of the library. 

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Full Sebastian Questline

  • In the Shadow of the Undercroft: The first quest Sebastian gives you himself, and you'll need to be Level 8 for it to trigger. A new location will be discovered, and Sebastian will teach you Confringo. Completing this quest rewards 260XP.
  • In the Shadow of the Estate: You'll need to be Level 15 for this quest to trigger, which brings you to Sebastian's family home. This quest rewards 260XP.
  • In the Shadow of the Bloodline: This quest has no requirements and no completion rewards. It also just ends without any sort of completion notification.
  • In the Shadow of the Study: The first quest where you learn an unforgivable curse, Crucio. You'll need to be Level 16 to start this quest, and it rewards 180XP.

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  • In the Shadow of Discovery: There are no requirements nor any rewards for this quest. 
  • In the Shadow of Time: You'll need to be Level 17 to trigger this quest. Sebastian will teach you Imperio, and completing the quest rewards 180XP.
  • In the Shadow of Distance: There are no requirements or rewards for this quest. 
  • In the Shadow of the Mine: You'll need to be Level 22 to start this quest, and it rewards 180XP upon completion.
  • In the Shadow of the Mountain: You'll need to reach level 24 and learned Bombarda to trigger this quest. When completed, it rewards 260XP.
  • In the Shadow of Hope: There are no requirements or rewards for this quest. 
  • In the Shadow of Relics: This quest starts when you are Level 28. Sebastian will teach you the last unforgivable curse, the killing curse, Avada Kedavra. Upon completion, you earn 180XP.
  • In the Shadow of Fate: This quest has very important decisions to make and implications for the rest of the game. There are no requirements or rewards.
  • In the Shadow of Revelation: There are no requirements, but you'll earn 260XP when it's complete. 
  • In the Shadow of Friendship: There are no requirements for Sebastian's final quest. It rewards 180XP when finished. 

Those are all of Sebastian's quests in Hogwarts Legacy. With a long questline that takes you from the beginning of the game to the late-game levels, he is along for almost the entire ride. Our tips page has more on Hogwarts Legacy.


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Published Feb. 22nd 2023

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