The Marine captain is coming to Extra Isle for two weeks - with some extra gifts!

Fall Prey to Captain Hina in One Piece Treasure Cruise

The Marine captain is coming to Extra Isle for two weeks - with some extra gifts!
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Since Morgan came out of his early “retirement” to take over Extra Isle, it only fits that an actual marine does the same.

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For two weeks, from May 12th to the 26th, Captain “Black Cage” Hina will be taking over Extra Isle. On a tropical getaway with her squad on the “sunny Extra Isle,” players will be able to recruit Hina to their very own pirate crews.
She’s a very dependable QCK type character:

  • When fully leveled, she has a max HP of 1,176
  • Max attack of 495
  • A Captain’s Ability that boosts QCK-type characters’ attack by 2
  • And a Special Move that locks in the current slots for another turn

But when she’s fully evolved into 
Black Cage Hina, that’s when she becomes more useful in terms of attack and HP. When fully evolved, she has:

  • Max HP of 2,270
  • Max attack of 905

Coupled with that x2 QCK attack boost, she could do some real damage (something every team needs).

During the two-week event, players can also recruit Hina’s right-hand men, Iron Fist Fullbody and One-Two Jango, as well as pick up some character manuals. These manuals give out a base EXP of 5,000, and if they’re lucky, players get a Special Move level up. The character manuals for this event are:

  • “Happiness Punch” Nami
  • “Double Hyper Straight” Fullbody
  • “Double Cross Dance” Jango
  • “Bombardier Arabesque” Mr. 2 Bon Clay
  • “Demonic Dance” Gin the Man-Demon
  • “Dance Heaven” Dancing Jango
  • and “Duffaw Palm Bomb” Kuroobi

The higher the difficulty of the stage, the more likely all these goods will drop. So it’s time to take a risk on Elite and Expert difficulty to make things easier along the way. Now, there’s even a guide to help players get through the long fight with Captain Hina.

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