John Romero yesterday released his second new DOOM map on Twitter. He teases fans by saying "This is the kind of FPS gameplay I'm promising."

John Romero teases fans with a new DOOM map…but is it enough?

John Romero yesterday released his second new DOOM map on Twitter. He teases fans by saying "This is the kind of FPS gameplay I'm promising."
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Legendary video game developer and programmer John Romero announced the release of his second new DOOM map on Twitter yesterday. The map is for the original DOOM from 1993 and is titled E1M4b. Romero states that it’s “the kind of FPS gameplay [he’s] promising” as he goes on to develop his newest project, BLACKROOM. 

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Getting the fans excited

John Romero is certainly giving it his all when it comes to first impressions for his new title BLACKROOM — as if the announcement of him reuniting with Adrian Carmack to create a new FPS is not exciting enough. And this new DOOM level is intended to crank up the hype even more. It seems Romero is doing everything that he can to show he still has what it takes to create a great fast-paced FPS.

This isn’t the first new map Romero has released. Back in January, he announced another map via Facebook and Twitter in January this year. It would seem the DOOM — as a little hint to show that he is once again rolling up his sleeves and getting back into game development. 

Is his plan working?

The first map that Romero released received much praise from fans. YouTubers took to their channels talking about the new map and recording footage of it. One such YouTuber is Dome-Candy Games, who showed the level and his thoughts on it.

In the video, Dome-Candy Games states that “he has still got it” — praising Romero’s level design skills and claiming they are as good as they were over twenty years ago when creating DOOM. 

In the Dropbox download screen of the latest map he released, the comments hold nothing but praise and excitement.

It seems that Romero’s plan to get fans excited for his upcoming game is indeed working. The new DOOM levels are certainly bringing people towards his social networks, where announcements for BLACKROOM can be found.

The question that remains for me is: will all of this be enough to reach that $700,000 Kickstarter goal that he and Carmack have set for their new IP?

The thorn in Romero’s side

The biggest issue that Romero faces is the last FPS title he released, John Romero’s Daikatana. Not only was it critically panned, but it received numerous release delays. Not to mention the infamous advertisement: “John Romero’s about to make you his bitch.”

Will the video game community be able to look past the disaster that was John Romero’s Daikatana? It is very hard to say at this moment in time. The Kickstarter for his latest title BLACKROOM certainly has gotten off to a good start. Perhaps these new DOOM maps are his was of trying to redeem himself and remind his fans that he hasn’t lost his touch.

Whether the project will continue to receive the funding as quickly as it has over the last 24 hours is yet to be seen. As excited as I may be for a new FPS being created by Romero, I can’t help but feel that Daikatana may be a thorn that is impossible to remove.

What are your thoughts on Romero’s new DOOM maps? Do you think Daikatana could ruin Romero’s hopes for his new title? Let me know in the comments below!

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