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LEGO Fortnite Patch Notes: Durability Buffs, Brute Nerfs, and Stack Increases

Today's LEGO Fortnite patch brought some changes to weapon and tool durability we'll all love.

These first couple weeks for the direct LEGO-flavored competitor to Minecraft have seen many players struggling with resource and inventory management. Today’s update has brought some much-requested changes, so let’s get into December 19’s LEGO Fortnite patch notes.

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LEGO Fortnite Patch Notes for December 19, 2023: Scorpion Nerfs, Tool and Weapon Buffs

The list of changes in today’s LEGO Fortnite patch isn’t massive. There are some small balancing changes, with the biggest surrounding the durability of tools and weapons. All tools and weapons have had their durability increased, making them useful for longer. This was really needed since they patched out the item repair glitch, weapons and tools just didn’t last long enough. Let’s get straight to the notes:

  • The durability of non-Rare/non-Epic tools and weapons has increased by 30%. For Rare/Epic tools and weapons, the durability has increased by 60%!
  • Reduced damage of the Brute’s Poison area for all three Brutes.
  • Reduced damage of the Frost Scorpion explosion.
  • Sand Scorpions, Scorpions found in caves, regular Scorpions, Crabs on the shoreline, Sand Spiders, and Alpine Frost Spiders are slightly easier to defeat.
  • Spiders won’t jumpscare you as often when turning over rocks.
  • Rams now give Heavy Wool.
  • Grapplers now hold 30 charges.
  • Fixed a bug that might have made you lose your items after being eliminated in the transition between above ground and below ground.
  • Food will now be more filling.
  • Stack size has been increased from 30 to 50.

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The Brutes being made a little easier is more than welcome, too, and so is the increase in Grappler charges. But, the increase in durability to tools and weapons is a huge change. I was tired of all of my stuff breaking after 15 minutes and having to bring multiples to make up for it. Who has the resources and inventory space to deal with that? Not me.

That’s it for the LEGO Fortnite patch notes for December 19, but that’s certainly not all we have on the game. Check out some of out LEGO Fortnite guides here on GameSkinny, such as how to move your main village or how to make dynamic foundations.

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