How to Move Your Main Village in Lego Fortnite

Sick of the same view and need a new location? Here's how to move your village in LEGO Fortnite.

Village in lego Fortnite
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You’ve spent hours perfecting and setting up your settlement just the way you want it. However, now you’re unsatisfied with your current location and want a change of scenery. In this guide, I’ll show you how to move your main village in LEGO Fortnite  

Can You Move Your Main Village in Lego Fortnite?

If you’ve expanded your village quite a bit, you might be asking yourself if you can move everything. Well, I found it’s technically possible — but it’s complicated. Currently, there’s no way to easily move your Village in its current state because you can’t move buildings.

The best option is to start a new Village. You can have multiple villages in the game. The downside is that you’ll have to start from scratch. I personally didn’t want to start all over, so I looked for a workaround. Though I won’t say it’s ideal.

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How to Move Your Village in LEGO Fortnite

Screenshot by GameSkinny

If you want all of your same buildings in a different location, you’re going to have to put in some time and effort. If you break a building, it will give you all of the resources and materials you used to build the structure. This means that if you want to move your Village, you’ll have to destroy everything and then rebuild in your new desired location. 

As long as you rebuild your original Village Square, all of your villagers will move to its new location. So you don’t have to worry about losing anyone during the move. However, you’ll want to be quick since they’ll leave the Village within five days if they don’t have a place to sleep for five days.

That’s how to move your main village in LEGO Fortnite. While it’s technically possible, it will take you a while to move everything. It’s a tedious process and one I hope Epic rectifies in the future. I’m not sure why moving objects isn’t a base mechanic, but here we are. If you’re looking for more tips, check out our dedicated LF guides hub, where you’ll find topics like how to get Rubies, whether or not you can dismiss NPCs, and what to do about your backpack if you die.

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