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Lego Fortnite ‘Village Too Crowded’ and Making Room For More Villages Explained

Find out how to make room for more villages in LEGO Fortnite here and what "village too crowded" means!

LEGO Fortnite takes place in a magical new world, crawling with new enemies. Thankfully, you don’t have to go alone and can invite Minifigure NPCs to live in your Village. However, odds are you’ll come across the “Village too crowded” message and need to make room for more villages.

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What Does ‘Village Too Crowded Mean in LEGO Fortnite? Explained

You’ll see new and interesting Villagers arrive in your Village Center each day in LEGO Fortnite. Unfortunately, you can’t invite all of them to live in your Village, no matter how much you upgrade it. Once you’ve maxed out your population, you’ll receive a “Village Too Crowded” message when inviting someone new. This will happen if you don’t have any open Villager spaces. You can check how many spaces you have available by visiting your Village Center.

How Many LEGO Fortnite Villagers Can You Have?

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You can have a total of five Villagers per Village Center. You’ll make room for more villagers by upgrading your Village through levels 1, 3, 5, 8, and 10. You’ll need to upgrade your Center up to the maximum of level 10 to fit all five. You can do so by visiting your Village Center and interacting with it. I’ve written up a full guide on upgrading Villages here.

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Making Room For More Villages Explained

After you’ve maxed out a village, you may be wondering if you can have multiple Villages in one world. The short answer is yes, you can create multiple Villages in LEGO Fortnite. However, the only way to do so is by setting up each Village far away from each other.

To make the most of this limitation, I recommend you set up a Village near the border of each biome. This way, you have a nearby home base to return to, should anything go sideways.

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To make sure they’re far enough away from each other, you’ll want to travel far away enough so that you can’t see the other Village’s campfire smoke. Then, you’ll have an easy, breezy time setting up another Village Center and making a home for more NPCs.

That’s what “village too crowded” and making room for more villages mean in LEGO Fortnite. We’ve got plenty more helpful articles on LF, Fortnite Festival, and the battle royale mode in our guides hub here. You’ll find things like how to do the dupe glitch, if you can move buildings, and a whole lot more!

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