Can You Move Buildings and Objects in LEGO Fortnite? Answered

Find out all there is to know about moving buildings and objects in LEGO Fortnite here.

LEGO Fortnite minifigure with log cabins with in the background.
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LEGO Fortnite will have you building your own bricktastic base. As is true for any building mechanic in survival games, you’ll want to know how to move buildings after you place them. But is it possible to even do so? I’ll answer that question below.

Is It Possible to Move Buildings in LEGO Fortnite After Placing Them?

You’ll need to create new structures to level up your Village and house new Villagers. You can move and rotate structures like Shacks and walls before plopping them down. You can also move placeables like Beds and Crafting Benches before finding a place to put them for good.

However, much to my dismay — and probably yours since you’re here — you can’t move buildings in LEGO Fortnite once you’ve placed them down. Instead, you’ll have to destroy any structure you’re unhappy with and start over. While this is a tedious process I hope gets fixed, you’ll thankfully get back all of the materials you used in the build.

Can You Move and Rotate Items?

As with buildings, you can’t rotate items in LEGO Fortnite either. That means if you place a Bed to sleep off damage or give an NPC a place to rest, it’s there, in its place, until you destroy it and rebuild it. The same can be said for Map Markers, Crafting Benches, Lumber Mills — anything! Heck, that even includes Garden Plots of all things. Once something is placed, it can’t be moved without destroying it.

LEGO Fortnite Building Tips and Tricks

LEGO Fortnite minifigure with log cabin and stairs in the background.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

I know I’m not alone in saying that building in LEGO Fortnite is a bit frustrating at the moment. While the guided build schematics are pretty easy to complete, utilizing the free build system is failing to impress for the time being. You’ll notice that lining up pieces and snapping them into place isn’t as smooth and accessible as it should be.

I’ve spent hours in the game now, so here are some building tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way so you don’t have to break down structures and items just to move and rotate them.

  • Seek out a flat area before building a base.
    • Building level structures is impossible on a slant, so you’ll need to find level ground first. You’ll probably be spawned near a hilly region in the Grasslands, so make sure to set up base on a flat area.
  • Utilize the Nudge feature.
    • While imperfect, the Nudge feature will make building easier than simply using your camera to line things up the way you want them.
  • Utilize stairs to reach upper levels of builds.
    • Stairs are easy to build, and you can stack them, making it much easier to see the top of builds. Don’t do things from the ground.
  • Analyze your building area.
    • Never just plop buildings or items down. Beyond looking for flat land, look for other natural features like water, trees, food, and animals you want to build near. Further, pay attention to how you’ve laid out rooms inside your structures and plan where you’ll place items like lights and workstations.

That answers whether you can move buildings and objects in LEGO Fortnite. Stay tuned with us at our LF guides hub here for other helpful articles like how to build vehicles, where to find that elusive Knotroot, and how to make and use ballons!

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