How to Get Knotroot Sturdy Wood in LEGO Fortnite

You'll need Knotwood Sturdy Wood for upgrades.

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LEGO Fortnite will have you searching for materials to make item recipes and buildables. You’ll need Knotroot for them, but finding and harvesting the resource can be tricky — and caves are scary. Here’s how to get Knotroot Sturdy Wood for Knowtwood Rods and other tools.

Where to Find Knotroot Wood in LEGO Fortnite

I’ve been playing the game quite a bit since launch day, and have only come across Knotroot in one location. You can only get Sturdy Knotroot in caves. Caves are randomly found across the map by looking in hilly, mountainous regions, and they’re represented by a small cave icon on the map.

Knotroot is identifiable by as roots growing all over the cave walls and floors. The first time I found it, though, I couldn’t harvest it. This is because you need an Uncommon Forest Axe to harvest Knotroot. You’ll need to upgrade your Crafting Bench once with 8 Planks and 3 Shells.

Once you do, here’s the recipe to make one.

I highly recommend you come prepared before venturing into a cave. You’ll want to bring some food to restore hearts, a backup weapon, and some health equipment equipped. I also brought extra wood to place campfires throughout the cave so I could wield a shield rather than a torch.

Knotroot on a cave wall in Fortnite LEGO.
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How to Trun Knotroot Woods Into Rods

Once you’ve got the Knotroot, you can turn it into Knotroot Rods at a Lumber Mill. Just add the Knotroot in as you otherwise would. You’ll want to collect as much as you can because the resource is required for upgraded Crossbows and Swords. You’ll also need Knotroot to bring your Village to Level 4, so feel free to clear every cave you come across.

That’s how to get Knotwood Sturdy Wood in Fortnite LEGO. Stay tuned with us at our guides hub here for all there is to know about this exciting crossover.

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