How Does Hunger Work in LEGO Fortnite? How to Find and Cook Food

Here's how hunger works in LEGO Fortnite, as well as how to cook food.

LEGO Minifgure in Fortnite with torch looking at camera.
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LEGO Fortnite is vastly different from the battle royale but introduces survival mechanics just as deadly as the storm or a shot from across the map. One of these new challenges to overcome deals with getting food if you’re in survival. Here’s how hunger works.

Understanding the Hunger Mechanic in LEGO Fortnite

Jumping into the new LEGO survival mode is embarking on a brand new adventure in Fortnite. Your minifigure will build a new home and fight bad guys along the way. Throughout your time playing, you’ll need to grapple with staying warm but perhaps more importantly, Hunger. You’ll need to keep your character fed with things like berries and cooked meat.

Hunger Meter Explained

LEGO Minifigure hungry in the grasslands.
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Your hunger is shown in the upper left corner and has 20 levels to fill. It’s represented by a knife and fork icon inside a circle with a bar all the way around it. The bar represents how fed you are at any given time. A full bar means well-fed and will be green. A depleted bar will mean you need food. Green will turn to yellow, which will turn to red as you get hungrier (hangrier?).

Performing actions and the passage of time will deplete your hunger. I’ve found that the more actions you take, the faster your hunger will deplete. So, if you’re going out to explore, I recommend you bring some trail snacks. The game will notify you once you’re hungry and starving. Notably, if you ignore the warnings, you’ll die from starvation and respawn in the world or your bed.

How to Get Food and Refill Your Hunger Meter

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Thankfully, there are plenty of resources to harvest all around your LEGO Fortnite seed. I found my initial base surrounded by raspberries and pumpkin. These excellent food sources are literally everywhere. You’ll also come across corn and other veggies, and loot llamas can drop food stuffs like eggs, too.

Though this isn’t a comprehensive list of the game’s food sources, as you defeat enemies and explore, you can also get meat from wolves, cows, and chickens (I haven’t killed any sheep yet, but I imagine they drop meat, too). Though, you’ll need to cook it. You can also cultivate your own farm by planting things like carrot seeds and pumpkin seeds, utilizing fertilizer to get even more benefits.

Finally, keep in mind that food can restore health, as well. As we’ll see below, some foods do more than stave off hunger. Even raw foods like the Snow Berry and Spicy Pepper confer buffs. You can see how much hunger and life a food item gives, as well as any buffs, by opening your inventory and highlighting the item.

How to Cook Food in LEGO Fortnite

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While raspberries and pumpkins are great, cooked meals are even better. Preparing meals at a Grill will add buffs to the food. If you craft a Grill, you can prepare Grilled Meat, Fried Egg, and Corn on the Cob right away. Corn on the Cob is one of the easiest to come by because Corn Stalks are found throughout the grasslands. For example, it provides a stamina recovery buff.

To craft a Grill, first construct the Crafting Bench, then head to the Utility section of your build menu and select Grill. You’ll need x30 Granite to complete the structure.

That answers how hunger works in Fortnite LEGO. Stay tuned with us at our guides hub here for all there is to know about this exciting crossover, such as all of the mode’s quests and rewards and how to get Knotwood.

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