LEGO Fortnite: All Quests and Rewards

Here are all of the quests and rewards in LEGO Fortnite to help you make Battle Pass progress.

Minifigure with torch in the LEGO mode.
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Fortnite LEGO is a fantastic crossover that meshes Minecraft with battle royale, brining new quests and rewards. I earned 20 Battle Stars in my first hour, so you’ll want to get started on Quests for Battle Pass progress ASAP. Here are all of the quests and rewards to expect.

Every Quest and Its Reward in LEGO Fortnite

The new LEGO mode in Fortnite has its own set of quests and rewards to discover not found in the battle royale portion of the game. However, these quests and rewards are a crucial aspect of Battle Pass progress in Fortnite and count as progress. They also make the game more entertaining, giving you something to focus on while you play. Personally, an in-game to-do list always gives me some sense of accomplishment, so it’s always welcomed.

However, don’t jump in expecting dozens of missions ripe for the picking. There are considerably fewer on offer here than there are in a regular Fortnite season and rotation, such as Chapter 5 Season 1. Though, I suspect we’ll get plenty more since it’s a crossover that’s going to stick around.

All Available Quests in Fortnite LEGO (For Now)

Menu of Fortnite lego quests.
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  • Build a Crafting Bench in a Survival World.
    • You’ll want to learn how to build recipes with the Cuddle Team leader.
  • Create and Play in a Sandbox World.
  • Find and Enter a Save in a Survival World.
  • Get a Village Rating of 4 in a Survival World.
    • You’ll need to build a town center and level up your village by playing Survival World.

Fortnite LEGO Quest Rewards

All quests will reward you with one level up, so they’re worth your while. Indeed, you’ll gain 4 Battle Pass levels for performing these relatively simple tasks, as they’re implemented to help show you the way through the LEGO mode and encourage you to interact with both Sandbox and Survival. Though I don’t think they really need to try, because the LEGO mode has over 2 million active players on launch day alone.

That’s it for all quests and rewards in Fortnite LEGO for now. Stay tuned with us at our guides hub here for all there is to know about this exciting crossover, including how to get free LEGO skins, how to get important crafting materials like Planks and Wooden Rods, and whether to not this crossover has guns.

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