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How to Set Map Markers in LEGO Fortnite (Waypoints)

Knowing how to set waypoints in LEGO Fortnite will make your adventuring so much easier!

Map markers, also known as waypoints, in LEGO Fortnite are a must to keep track of important caves and other points of interest. These seeds can be massive, and remembering where treasures and enemies are located can be difficult without help. Here’s how to set and use waypoints to mark locations in LEGO Fortnite.

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How to Unlock Map Markers in LEGO Fortnite

You can unlock map markers very early on in LEGO Fortnite. To do so, build the campfire and your first shack. Then, build the Village Square. It’s as simple as that, and thank goodness. I’ve gotten lost a few times running after a fairy, hoping to find a loot llama. Getting turned around can put you in a lot of trouble if you’re not prepared to stay warm or fend off foes.

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How to Use Waypoints to Mark Important Locations on Your Map

To use waypoints, open your build menu. You’ll find waypoints under the Village section of the far left tab. They cost x2 Granite to place.

With the proper materials, select the waypoint option from the building menu and place it on the ground as you do all other building recipes, like a Shack, Campfire, or Crafting Bench.

It’s worth noting that your Village Square will automatically have a map marker set for it when you build it, so you’ll always know exactly where you need to be heading to return to safety after a long adventure.

Why Should You Use Map Markers?

Since there’s always so much Granite on the ground, don’t be afraid to set waypoints. I place markers whenever I find an important point of interest. Since I often run out of inventory space when exploring, I like to use them to mark ruins and loot chests so I can return later. Otherwise, finding them again is impossible.

Another good way to use map markers is to mark lava caves, where you can find Copper and Bright Core. Unlike the regular caves that have Knotroot, lava caves don’t show up on your map without a waypoint.

How to See Waypoints in Your Seed and on Your Map

You can find and view waypoints in two different ways:

  • In your seed: look for a column of white light shooting up from it into the sky.
  • On your map: look for the colored icon(s) on your map.

When you place a waypoint, you can choose different icons to show enemies, treasures, food, and other items. These appear on your map with the color and symbol you’ve chosen. Since you can create multiple waypoints with the same colors and symbols, I suggest making each one as unique as it can be so you remember why you set the map marker. For example, any lava caves you find could be a firey orange, whereas enemies could be red for danger. Oh, and be sure to destroy ones you don’t need so you don’t clutter your map.

How to Remove and Get Rid of Waypoints

To remove a waypoint and get rid of it, simply attack it. It will break apart in a few hits, returning Granite to you. It’s a fantastic mechanic that lets you move markers around without being forced to farm more resources.

That’s how to set waypoints in LEGO Fortnite. It’s easy, peasy — but it’s equally easy to overlook! I played for about six hours before I started using map markers to help me get around and remember where important points of interest were. Lastly, if you get lost and can’t find your base, it also has a map marker you choose when placing the Village Square. For more, be sure to check out our guides on how to repair tools and weapons, how to get and use Obsidian, getting and using cut Amber, and many more over in our Fortnite guides section. That includes Fortnite Festival and Rocket Racing, should those two new modes tickle your fancy more!

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