Make the Best of Winter with Mario Kart Tour’s Ice Tour Event

The latest Mario Kart Tour event features ice, more ice, and Luigi in a penguin suit. Could we ask for more? No.

Mario Kart Tour‘s latest tour kicks off today, the Ice Tour, and it runs until January 29. It brings the usual collection of gifts, Gold Pass rewards, and new karts and drivers, all of which are winter-themed. We know; we were surprised too.

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There’s Wintertime Peach, sporting her cold-weather duds from Super Mario Odyssey, the Penguin Suit Luigi because of course, and Ice Mario. The new course is Mario Kart 64‘s Frappe Snowland, which got a spiffy visual upgrade from its pixelated N64 days and looks quite lovely this time around.

The newest kart is the Gilded Prancer, and those who have a soft spot for gliders can try for the Blizzard Parasol during the tour.

“Try” is key here because, as always, you won’t be getting most of these items for free. You can try and get lucky with the Pipe gimmick — shooting off Pipes for a price in the hopes of getting a rare item — or you can shell out 90 Rubies for the Mario Ice Pack that contains everything. Be aware, though, that it would cost approximately $40 to do that, and the new packs are only available until January 22.

While you’re out there drifting around the snowdrifts, be sure to check out our ever-growing set of Mario Kart Tour guides, including:

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