Mario Kart Tour: Pick Up 5 Dropped Mushrooms Using a Driver With a Ribbon

Only a handful of rare drivers feature the Mushroom Cannon ability needed to quickly complete the 5 Dropped Mushrooms challenge in Mario Kart Tour.

A few achievements still remain in Mario Kart Tour's New Year Tour. If you haven't quite managed to pick up 5 dropped mushrooms using a driver with a ribbon, there's still time.

This challenge is extremely difficult. You must have a driver with a special skill. The chances of pulling such a driver from the pipe are extremely low.

Pick Up 5 Mushrooms Using a Driver With a Ribbon

Keep in mind that you don't have to pick up mushrooms dropped by AI players.

You can drop mushrooms yourself. It still counts. In fact, that's the easiest way to complete the challenge.

Before getting started, you will need to have one of these Mario Kart Tour drivers with a ribbon. However, the best drivers for this challenge are:

  • Party Time Toad
  • Peachette
  • Kimono Peach

Each driver has the Mushroom Cannon special skill that launches mushrooms across the track, which can be picked up by any driver.

The special skill still pulls randomly when hitting item boxes, so there is some trial and error involved here.

Just keep hitting item boxes with one of those three characters until you pull the cannon, then wait to fire it until you are in a straight corridor where you can pick up all five mushrooms in one shot.

While Wendy and Birdo have a ribbon, they notably lack the Mushroom Cannon special ability, which makes it much more difficult to finish this challenge using those characters.

If you're using Wendy or Birdo, keep playing courses until a Peachette, Kimono Peach, or Party Time Toad pull their special skill and start firing off mushrooms to pick up. The chances of this occurring while you are nearby are extremely low.

Don't have Peachette or the other two Mushroom Cannon drivers yet? Save up those coins and check back in the shop every time it refreshes. Peachette appears randomly over time in the bottom left slot for 3,000 coins.

What course and driver did you use to complete the challenge? Let us know in the comments, then take a look at our latest Mario Kart Tour challenge guides including:

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Published Jan. 10th 2020

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