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New Collaboration Brings Poppy Playtime to Roblox as Poppy Playtime Forever

Experience Playtime Co. and design your own Poppy Playtime levels in Roblox's Poppy Playtime Forever!

It didn’t take long for Poppy Playtime to build a dedicated fanbase that digs into every clue they can find to piece together what happened in Playtime Co. The series expanded before with an ARG and Project Playtime. But now, a new collaboration brings Poppy Playtime to Roblox with Poppy Playtime Forever.

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Poppy Playtime Forever Blends Poppy Playtime with Roblox

In a collaboration with Jazwares, Mob Entertainment brings Poppy Playtime to Roblox with an official experience in Poppy Playtime Forever. You won’t have to wait long to hop into the horrors of Playtime Co., because this experience joins Roblox on February 29, 2024. From what’s been shared so far, this is looking like the perfect way to pass the time as fans wait for information about Chapter 4.

Trailer showing the level creation available
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Not only will Poppy Playtime Forever be more accessible for a wider range of players, it also puts the control in our hands. Instead of giving players a single experience created by Mob and Jazwares, the tools to design your own levels are provided as well. Maybe you want to have a set of chase sequences with multiple Huggy Wuggies. Or perhaps you just want to freak out your friends by hiding enemies where they’ll least expect it.

If you aren’t up for creating your own levels, you can still get some enjoyment about the Roblox-based experience by playing levels created by other users. As such, you shouldn’t run out of content anytime soon. The full trailer is on YouTube under Mob Entertainment’s official channel if you need more convincing.

New collaborations spark excitement, especially when that means that Poppy Playtime expands to Roblox with Poppy Playtime Forever. The timing is perfect, since we’ll be waiting for information about Chapter 4 now that Chapter 3 is released. And the chapters take time to be developed, so this is perfect for occupying the period between releases. From here, check out more content like what the Hour of Joy was or what the ending of Chapter 3 means.

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