Palworld Pokemon Mod Swaps Pals for Pokemon, Adds Team Rocket

Some say Palworld is Pokemon with guns, but what about a Palworld Pokemon mod?

Pikachu mining stone in Palworld
Image via ToastedShoes Twitter
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It was only a matter of time until Palworld got a Pokemon mod, but less than a week? Pocketpair said the monster-catching survival game would be modable, but it didn’t take any time for one mod creator to make a Palworld Pokemon mod.

Palworld Pokemon Mod Creates the True Pokemon with Guns Experience

YouTuber ToastedShoes, who’s best known for his weird mod showcase content, revealed on X (Twitter) what appears to be a fully functional Pokemon Palworld mod. In it, the player model is changed to Ash Ketchum, and Pokemon like Oddish, Electabuzz, and Pikachu are all in attendance. Even Jesse from Team Rocket makes an appearance.

What is the Palworld Pokemon Mod and When Can I Get It?

The idea is both ludicrous and totally fitting, considering Palworld borrows so much from Pokemon in terms of Pal aesthetics and elements. Running around using whatever the replacement is for Lifmunk and making it shoot bullets is a little too funny. Using an Eevee as a flamethrower is equally hilarious.

Looking at the above preview video, some of the Pal-to-Pokemon equivalents in the Palworld Pokemon mod aren’t exact conversions. We’ll have to wait until January 23 to see it. ToastedShoes will release a full video of the modpack then. Hopefully, we’ll get a link for the Palworld Pokemon mod to go along with it.

Palworld has already sold over five million copies in the past four days, and that doesn’t count Game Pass players. It’s also one of Steam’s most played games ever. Its top player count at the time of writing is more than 1,500,000 concurrent players, surpassing games like Elden Ring. Pocketpair has kept up well with the growing player numbers, with the Palworld servers becoming increasingly stable over the weekend.

Before we start rolling into this new, exciting future where we have this Palworld Pokemon mod, you might want to check out some of our other content on the game. We go into how to get a flying mount, a guide on all partner skills, how to get Pal Souls, and more in our guide library. Even without a Pokemon conversion mod, it’s a survival game worth playing.

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