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How Many People Are Playing Palworld? A Lot

Palworld has seen record sales numbers and crashed servers due to high player count.

When a game enters Early Access, it typically doesn’t set record sales numbers instantly. However, Palworld has seen extraordinary success since its launch, with record sales numbers. So just how many people are playing Palworld? We’ve got the details.

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How Many People are Playing Palworld: Survival Game Becomes Number One Worldwide

Dubbed “Pokemon with Guns” after the official trailer played during Summer Games Fest 2023, interest in the title began to grow. Announcing an EA launch in January for PC and Xbox, along with Game Pass on day one, the game was still seen as a potential scam or meme. That changed when early media content began dropping, such as streams, how-to videos, and Let’s Plays.

Thanks to the coverage, Palworld sold over one million units eight hours after release. 40 hours later, the number of players has skyrocketed to over three million. Not only are there a ton of people playing, it’s the most-played game in the world and the top-selling title for 2024.

The screenshot shared on Palworld’s English X (formerly Twitter) account shows the total concurrent players via Steam to be 654,616. As of this writing, just 24 hours after that screenshot, the number of concurrent players has topped 1.3 million.

Remember, that’s only on two platforms at the beginning of EA. Continued development could see the game launch on PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch at the end of EA.

What Does the Future of Palworld Look Like?

With this much success, the sky’s the limit. The key to keeping high player numbers is maintaining the forward momentum. Thankfully, the team is working on all bugs as they crop up, keeping communication open, and interacting with the exploding community.

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Based on the limited roadmap that’s been teased by the Pocketpair team PvP, Pal trading, and more Pals are on the horizon for the game. With so much content to go through and the promise of more, player numbers should continue to remain steady throughout the year.

As of this moment, there have been over 654,000 concurrent players exploring Palworld, making it the top-selling game of 2024 to date. For more on the title, like where to build your first base, how to find dungeons, or how to breed your Pals, head to our expanding guides hub.

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