Complete Palworld Year 1 Roadmap Detailed: New Pals, PvP, and Events Schedule Revealed

Pocketpair has big things planned for Palworld detailed in the roadmap of year one.

Three Pals looking down at camera in Palworld.
Image via Pocketpair
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Pocketpair’s latest game is in Early Access, with over 100 Pals, base building, and multiplayer servers hosting 32 players at once. While impressive, here’s the Palworld roadmap detailing the next year in EA, new Pals, events, and more.

The Future of Palworld: Roadmap Changes Coming to PC and Xbox

The EA roadmap for Palworld has been released, detailing the improvements and new features coming during the next year. Along with hints dropped in other announcements, here’s what the team at Pocketpair has planned.

Everything to Expect in Palworld Year 1

  • Trading Pals with players
  • PvP between players
  • Pal Arena for PvP between Pals
  • Raid Bosses
  • Improved AI and pathing for Pals assigned to bases
  • Crossplay
  • Server Transfers
  • New Islands
  • New Pals
  • New Bosses
  • New Technology recipes
Player approaching two Foxparks with a club
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Being able to trade Pals with friends, group up to take on Raid Bosses, and participate in PvP are all things I’m looking forward to. Some of those bosses are beefy, and having organized help will definitely make things easier.

What I want more information on are the changes that will be made to building. Currently, Pals work to speed building up. But are these changes going to revamp how that’s done, or are they new mechanics that allow further customization of buildings? Will they be expanding how large your base can be?

Additionally, in the EA FAQ posted earlier in January, the Pocketpair team noted modding support through the Steam Workshop would be something they work on. There’s already a Pokemon mod trending, and many more would be made possible with the workshop integration.

The player staring out over the mountains in Palworld
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Since this is a crafting game, it’s no surprise modding support is high on player wish lists. Being able to design a base that truly reflects your character, as well as the Pals you’ve collected, is just one of the many things mods bring to the table.

One thing that’s missing from the roadmap is events that may take place during EA. Many MMOs and multiplayer crafting games have seasonal events that give players a chance to earn exclusive or rare rewards. While it’s still early in the Year 1 period, this is something that will keep people returning over the long haul.

Now that we have the official Palworld roadmap with all the details on release dates, events, and more Pals, this small glimpse into the future looks bright. For more on catching Pals, fast traveling, and how to get various resources, check out our guides hub.

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