There may very well be a Pokemon Stars version sooner than you'd think... and on a Nintendo home console, no less!

Rumor: Could the Nintendo Switch be Getting Pokemon Sun and Moon?

There may very well be a Pokemon Stars version sooner than you'd think... and on a Nintendo home console, no less!

Pokemon Sun and Moon has just been released in numerous parts of the world, with a European release due to follow in just a couple of days. However, rumours are already starting to surface that an additional version of the game might be launching for the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2017. This will effectively serve as the “third version” of Gen 7 that some Pokemon generations have had, such as Crystal or Emerald versions.

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This rumour comes to us via Eurogamer, who apparently has multiple sources suggesting the existence of a game that’s code-named Pokemon Stars. The game was in development alongside Sun and Moon as most third entries are. It’s expected to share the same map and features as the newly released games, but with higher quality models and different Pokemon availability that will nonetheless be cross-compatible via the Pokemon Bank.

Some evidence to back the rumour up actually comes from the original Sun and Moon teaser back in February. Stills from that video show a high definition model of new Pokemon Pikipek being developed, which could have been a work in progress for Stars.

It’s worth noting that at this point, Eurogamer has been unable to provide confirmed sources, presumably to keep their identities safe. As such, there is still no official confirmation on this rumour, and Nintendo or Game Freak have declined to comment.

You can read the full Eurogamer article here.

There have been rumours of third versions in previous Pokemon generations before that didn’t end up being released (Pokemon Grey or Z for Gens 5 and 6, respectively). That said, the existence of a main Pokemon game on a Nintendo home console would be a first and may serve to better generate interest for them.

With so little confirmed for the Nintendo Switch just yet, the existence of a primary

Pokemon title in conjunction with Zelda: Breath of the Wild would almost certainly guarantee numerous sales of the upcoming console.

Regardless, we’ll be sure to keep you updated should this rumour progress. In the meantime, be sure to check out our coverage of Pokemon Sun and Moon, such as our list of version exclusives!

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