The Dancing Phoenix herself will be knocking heads around when Tekken 8 launches in 2024.

Tekken 8 Ling Xiaoyu Trailer Features Veteran Fighter Dancing Into Action

The Dancing Phoenix herself will be knocking heads around when Tekken 8 launches in 2024.

Up next for the Tekken 8 roster is series veteran fighter Ling Xiaoyu, first introduced in Tekken 3. Her graceful fighting style (inspired by a mixture of different Chinese martial arts) and elegant flair have propelled her to become a fan favorite, so it was no surprise to learn she would be returning.

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With the increased fidelity of Unreal Engine 5, Ling’s moves flow smoother than ever before. There are hints of Wushu, Bagua, and Tai-Chi in her battle stance, which she incorporates into a graceful offense. Her spry nature and speed have always made her a solid fighter.

The new critical art that Ling uses might not be as flashy as Jun Kazama‘s or someone like Jack-8, but Ling doesn’t need to be brutish to get your attention. She’ll win the match without breaking a sweat and look amazing while doing so.

With Ling Xiaoyu on the roster, that likely means we’ll see Panda make a return in Tekken 8 (though that hasn’t yet been confirmed by Bandai Namco). We’re bound to see a trailer for her in the next few days or so, so keep an eye out. Kuma and Panda rendered in ultra-high fidelity will be a sight to behold.

Previous character trailers for the fighting game have revealed Paul, Marshall Law, and Lars Alexandersson, among others. Tekken 8 is planned for release in 2024 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. Stay tuned for more trailers and information as we near release. 

Featured image via Bandai Namco.

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