Terraria 1.2 Release Date Set for October 1st!

Let us celebrate! Ready to sleep for the next two weeks up to release?

Let us celebrate! Ready to sleep for the next two weeks up to release?

After months of development and endless tears from fans, Terraria 1.2 is finally set for a solid and very believable release date: October 1st.

Fans have been waiting on the edge of their seats to get their hands on the newest Terraria patch since it was teased at the beginning of this year, signalling that development on the fan-favorite sandbox title was not over.

We’ve waited through long delays and Redigit and the other folks over at Re-Logic have worked their hands to the bone to bring the game’s biggest update to PC users — and the time is finally drawing near.

Redigit had mentioned a few days ago that the 1.2 patch was in the final stages of development, which includes “balancing, bug testing, and tying up loose ends”. Yesterday he confirmed that it was indeed coming at the end of his previous ‘before October 1st‘ release window — the release is now on that very date.

Don’t let that sting of being let down in the past put a damper on your excitement. This is the first time Redigit has given a firm release date since development began. Considering the apparent current state of the Terraria 1.2 patch, this time it’s the real deal.

Hold onto those hype hats, because it’s coming. The team hopes to have a trailer out for all to see by Tuesday; if you still have your doubts, let the trailer be the proof of the Terraria update finally seeing the light of day.

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