Yandere Simulator developer speaks out about his game, Yandere Simulator, being banned from Twitch.tv

Yandere Simulator Developer Gives Warning To Game Developers

Yandere Simulator developer speaks out about his game, Yandere Simulator, being banned from Twitch.tv
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On January 22, 2016, Yandere Simulator was banned from Twitch for currently unknown reasons. But one year later, on January 22, the game’s developer, simply known as Yandere Dev, took to Youtube to voice his opinion on the matter: 

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Yandere Simulator really was a toxic, disgusting, offensive, sexist misogynistic game, would most of the fans be female?”

As of this writing, Twitch representatives have not commented on the matter, thus leading many, including Yandere Dev, to only speculate on the reasons the game was banned from the streaming service. 

If you haven’t heard of Yandere Simulator, it’s not too surprising. It’s a relatively small game with a cult following. And like the games title states, it’s a simulation of being a Yandere girl, or a character who is crazy about another person, often to violent ends.

For example, the Yandere character sees the character they’re crazy about speaking with a member of the opposite sex and that person might meet a violent end. Consequently, Yandere Simulator puts you in the shoes of a high school girl named Yandere-chan, and your goal is to win the love of your senpai by any means necessary. 

With that in mind, the game is quite violent. I can also understand the apprehension of allowing a game that involves murder and torture in a High School setting. However, Yandere Dev himself puts it perfectly. He lists off multiple titles that have the exact same content that he believes his game was banned for, but aren’t banned themselves. 

The developer even lists off reasons he believes the game might be banned including 

1) Misunderstanding

2)Previous Content that has since been changed or removed

3) Twitch having an “anti-anime,” bias

4)A theory that twitch only enforces rules on games that won’t be profitable

5)The people who get to choose what games are allowed or not are “SJW’s”

However, the only people who truly know why the game is banned are Twitch staff. Until Twitch makes a statement on the issue, we’ll never know what the true reason is or if the ruling will ever be changed.

If you want to know more about the game, or play it for free you can go to the developers blog located here.

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