11 Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards for Holiday 2017

Corsair K68 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Price: $99.99
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For $20 more than the Corsair K63, you can get the company's ten-key K68 model -- which comes with a wrist rest. It's a lot like the K63 across the board except for one important thing: this keyboard is water and dust resistant.

Adhering to IP32 standards, the Corsair K68 keyboard is able to keep dust particles and debris up to 2.5mm thick, as well as vertical water spillage and dripping water, from entering the nuts and bolts of the board. Corsair's engineers accomplished this feat by bonding a translucent rubber covering around the board's plate-mounted Cherry MX switches and the K68's chassis. This rubber covering contains built-in channels than funnel water and debris past components and out of the drainage ports in the back of the keyboard. 

If you've ever used a Corsair product, then you've seen what the K68 can offer on the lighting front before. Like the K63, the Corsair K68 provides Red RGB backlighting and pattern customizability through Corsair's CUE software. But that's about it. You'll get myriad lighting effects but not the customizability found in other boards. 

Coming in at $100, you won't get dedicated macro keys or full customization options here, either, but you will get a keyboard that will last a long (long) time, one that provides accurate response times, and one that provides something almost no other keyboard does. 

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Published Nov. 22nd 2017

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