11 Gamertastic Crafts You Can DIY In An Afternoon

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If there are two things that work surprisingly well together, it's gaming and crafts. At first, you might not see a connection between the two, but if you're someone that enjoys both hobbies, you'll know that there is a lot of potential for cross-over between the two interests.

To prove this point, we've picked out some of the best gaming-related crafts that can be completed in an afternoon. From sewing to painting, crochet to origami, and everything in between, there is something for everyone here. Many of the projects on this list require little-to-no previous crafting experience, and some of the tasks could easily be undertaken by children. 

So, think of your favourite games, gather your materials, and read on to find out how you can manifest your love of gaming into an array of awesome handmade creations.

Published Apr. 5th 2017

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