11 Gamertastic Crafts You Can DIY In An Afternoon

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9) 8-Bit Heart Plushie

As gamers everywhere know, one of the most important symbols in many a game is that of a heart, usually shown in a corner of the screen to let you know how many lives you have left before you see the dreaded 'Game Over'.

This adorable plushie is the perfect afternoon craft for fans of retro games, with the 8-bit style magnificently captured in its patchwork-like design.

Created by Cut Out + Keep member Zan, this sewing project has clear instructions with accompanying photos for each step, making this an easy undertaking for even the most novice of needleworkers. 

The most time-consuming part of this project is probably the cutting out of all the mini fabric squares, but once that is done, it's a surprisingly simple task of sewing them together, patchwork style, and filling with toy stuffing.

Whether used as a miniature throw pillow, or displayed on a shelf with other beloved plushies, I think you'll agree this is too cute a craft to pass up.

Published Apr. 5th 2017

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