11 Gamertastic Crafts You Can DIY In An Afternoon

6) Mario Star Rice Krispy Pops

One of my favourite kinds of crafts are the kind you get to eat afterwards, and this sweet treat ticks all the right boxes for an artistic endeavour of the tasty variety. They're quick and easy to make, and have a double whammy of nostalgia thrown in: the favourite gooey marshmallow snack from your childhood, along with Nintendo golden oldie Mario. What's not to love?

YouTuber Rosanna Pansino is the host of the online "Geeky Cooking Show" Nerdy Nummies. Her channel is full of awesome geeky creations to suit every fandom, and you'll find lots gaming-related treats to choose from to impress your friends when it's your turn to host gaming night. 

These Mario Star pops are a great choice for some quick kitchen crafting, as they are easy to make yet look super impressive once finished. Check out Rosanna's tutorial video below if you want to give them a go yourself!

Published Apr. 5th 2017

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