Fortnite Challenge Guide: Search between a Scarecrow, Pink Hotrod, and a Big Screen 

If you manage to somehow avoid everyone else, a new battle star search location near Risky Reels is ready and waiting for you in Fortnite.

Following last week's Fortnite challenge to search for a Tomato Town treasure map, we're again off on a scavenger hunt. This time, we're looking for a map location found between a scarecrow, a pink hotrod, and a big screen.

Scratching your head wondering just where that odd spot is supposed to be on the Battle Royale map? Don't worry, we've already discovered the exact location for you.

Read on for the exact locations.  

A player glides toward trees near the drive-in theater  Finding the Scarecrow Big Screen search location
(thanks to HarryNinetyFour for the screenshot)

Where to Find the Week 2 Battle Star

The "big screen" mentioned in the challenge notes is clearly a reference to the new destroyed drive-in movie theater over at Risky Reels (which just happens to be the best new Fortnite landing zone around).

The pink hot rod is north of the screen, while the scarecrow is to the east at a rocky outcrop area. Your best landing spot is on the hill just to the side and below the Risky Reels walled-out off section. 

When you get close enough to the exact "search between a scarecrow" location (marked on the map below), the battle star will spawn on the hilltop.

Be careful landing here, though, as it's likely dozens of other players will also be completing the challenge at the same time you are.

It can be a much better strategy to land either east or west of Risky Reels, wait for everyone to kill each other, then swoop in for the battle star and the loot left behind.

 Search between a Scarecrow Week 2 landing location

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Published May. 8th 2018

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