'Hack-usations' Fly When This Cheater Is Caught Red Handed

He catches some weird behavior in spectator mode that just doesn't add up.

If you've played a multiplayer FPS in the last decade, you've seen or heard the 'hack-usations' when one player's K/D ratio starts to seem a little unbalanced. Most of the time these are just the mutterings of an angry player moments before rage quitting, but every now and then there's some truth to the complaints. A Battlefield 4 player was about to log off when he noticed something odd in spectator mode. After following another player who pulled off 7 kills in less than a minute, the narrator starts to smell something fishy. Watch as the suspected hacker fires wildly into the sky above the heads of his opponents before landing head-shot after head-shot. After viewing the footage, do you think he was the victim of a L337 H4x0r?

Published May. 17th 2016

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