Humble Indie Bundle X Adds 3 More Games

The Humble Indie Bundle X has added three more games that will compliment any Steam library.

As if the Humble Indie Bundle X wasn't amazing as is was with the starting games, they've added three more games that will be difficult to deny.

Starting Games in Humble Indie Bundle X

The games that made up the arrival of the X bundle include Reus, To the Moon, Joe Danger 2: The Movie, Papo & Yo, and the infamous Surgeon Simulator 2013. For a full compilation please either refer to my earlier article, or the Humble Bundle website itself. Within both links are details pertaining to all of the games said above, which are all available on Steam

Holy Batman, 3 More Games!

Although the Humble Indie Bundle X started out strong, they're going the distance by adding three more games that will complete your Steam library.

  • HOARD - As the title implies, you'll be hoarding something indeed, and in this game it is gold. You'll be playing as a dragon whose goal is to gain the most gold possible. In this arcade-style game, you'll have the pleasure of scaring villagers and burning them to the ground. Burn, baby burn!
  • Strike Suit Zero - Set in the future (286 years exact), this spaceship simulator game gives you a universe where Earth is near extinction and in need of dire help. The fate of the world rests upon the Strike Suit ship, which you are in command over. Destroy your enemies and save the day, or there won't be a tomorrow.
  • Toki Tori 2+ - It's time for adventure as you set through this very vast land in this puzzle platformer game. Playing as a cute yellow bird, you sure might get angry when facing the puzzles that get in your way.

More games, but what price?

Even though the Humble Indie Bundle X has added these new games, the price still remains at the small amount of $5.32 (USD). Keep in mind, the proceeds will, of course, go to charity, and you'll get hours of wonderful games. The charities included are Child's Play Charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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Published Jan. 15th 2014

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