Dead Space Remake 1.005 Update Improves Steam Deck Performance, Adds Bug Fixes

A new Dead Space patch is here to fix some irritating bugs and add some performance improvements.

A new patch for the Dead Space remake has gone live that improves Steam Deck performance and adds HDR10+. Although the game isn't in a poor technical state by any means, developer EA Motive is continuing to work on the remake with small updates and improvements like the ones made in the most recent patch, version 1.005.

The update isn't particularly massive, as it mainly focuses on bug fixes and pathing updates for certain quests that can be done out of order. However, the addition of HDR10+ means that you're able to experience the game's stunning visuals with increased clarity.

It's nice to see continued support for Dead Space, but it's important to note that not all bugs have been ironed out of the game yet. An issue regarding disappearing walls and an AI bug for the Hunter fight in Chapter 5 still haven't been addressed by EA Motive. But since the game is still receiving bug fixes, it's possible that they'll be fixed in a future patch.

Dead Space Remake Version 1.005 Patch Notes

The following is the full list of patch notes from the Dead Space remake's steam page, published on February 17.

  • Steam Deck improvements.
  • The game will now recognize if the player has collected the Crew Quarters key card before reaching Chapter 10 and getting the objective 'Find the Crew Deck key.' If you’re loading a save where you were already in this state, and the game doesn't update, travel away from the area (60 seconds approx.) and return, the game should then update.
  • The door to the security station will properly unlock after the call from Daniels ends during the objective 'Locate the source of the broadcast. If upon loading a save the door is still in standby, ride the tram to another station and back, wait 30 seconds and the door will unlock.
  • You will no longer be able to launch the asteroid without first destroying the gravity tethers, preventing them from getting stuck. If upon loading a game where you are already stuck, the game will update if the player has destroyed the mining tethers. If you have not destroyed the mining tethers, you should do this, then the game will update.
  • Fixed Dr. Kyne not spawning inside Chief Steward’s office. Will be fixed if the current objective is scrambled with unitologist symbols. Go back to the Cantina, then come back to Hunter fight room. This should trigger the proper quest flow. Then follow the quest markers until you reach Kyne's sequence.
  • We now allow for the previous suit visual to be equipped. Previously acquired suit visuals are available in Storage and can be equipped by selecting them and choosing the "Equip" action. To remove a cosmetic, choose the currently equipped cosmetic suit, from the Storage, and select the "Unequip" option. Changing the cosmetic aspect of a suit does not impact the upgrades you have acquired. Suits are granted as such: Purchase level 2 -> Acquire level 1 cosmetic, Purchase level 3 -> Acquire level 2 cosmetic, etc... For saves where you’ve already acquired specific suit upgrades, the player will be automatically awarded the cosmetics in his Storage.
  • A few other fixes that may help overall, keep us posted here once you’ve updated your game and spent some time with it.

Those are the patch notes for the most recent Dead Space update, 1.005. Dead Space is available now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X and S.

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Published Feb. 21st 2023

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