Dead Space Remake: How to Get the Final Regeneration Achievement

Want to know more about the Hunter in Dead Space? Here's how to complete the quest chain to get the "Final Regeneration" achievement.

Naturally, our old buddy the Hunter is back for the 2023 remake of Dead Space. If you played the original, you may know it as the eternally-regenerating monster that pursued you throughout several stretches of the game, courtesy of Dr. Mercer. This time around it's tied to an achievement, "Final Regeneration."

You have the opportunity to learn more about what the Hunter actually is in the remake, and how Mercer created it in the first place. Here's how to solve that particular mystery.  

How to Complete the "Premeditated Malpractice" Mission and get "Final Regeneration"

After you've successfully dealt with the Hunter in Chapter 4, leave via the control booth in Cryogenics and wait out Isaac's conversation with Kendra.

You can now double back into the control booth and use its console to open the central chamber. This seems like a dumb idea, but the Hunter is safely in storage elsewhere on the ship for the time being. If you check out the chamber, you'll find a Tissue Sample, which begins the side mission "Premeditated Malpractice."

Like other side missions, this requires you to go to several locations throughout the Ishimura, a couple of which aren't immediately available. You can finish this mission by Chapter 7 at the earliest, when you unlock the Mining Deck.

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The first stretch of "Premeditated Malpractice" takes place on the Medical Deck, and requires a little backtracking. It's not particularly dangerous unless you've left a lot of enemies alive behind you or you're playing on one of the higher difficulties.

In the latter case, the "intensity director" is just looking for excuses to spawn more necromorphs to punch your ticket. If you're low on ammo, health, or both after your fights with the Hunter, it might be worth putting this off until you're in a better position to explore.

You'll initially be heading back to the ground floor of the Medical Lab to find a DNA scanner. While Isaac mentions that he'll have to hurry to get it done, there doesn't appear to be an actual time limit attached to this part of the mission.

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Once scanned, the Tissue Sample will direct you back to Intensive Care. This is the hallway outside the Morgue with the big cylindrical booths, also known to many players as "that room where that patient killed herself in front of you."

Return there now and you'll find one of those booths now has a console that you can interact with. Use it to trigger a hologram recording of a session between Mercer and one of his patients.

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Your next step is the Mining Deck, which first becomes available in Chapter 7. Survive your first elevator ride to the third level, then go to the end of the hall past the laser traps to Ore Storage.

Inside, use kinesis to move the crates stacked in the corner and grab the audio log out of the security console. Let it play to the end and you'll get your next stop.

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Return to the Bridge. While your objective tracker won't point you exactly where you need to go, you can now interact with one of the glass consoles on the north side of the Main Atrium, near the entrance from the tram station. The console will play back another saved conversation between Nicole and the late Captain Mathius.

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That leads you to your final stop. Return to Hydroponics and take the elevator in the West Grow Chamber up to the second floor. In the Hydroponics Control Room, you should now be able to open the locked door to Nutrition Systems.

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You can get some decent loot from this area, including a Power Node. Inside its back room, you can find an audio log on the desk. Listen to it to unlock "Final Regeneration."

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Once you've finished this mission, your final battle with the Hunter in Chapter 10 will have some additional dialogue from Isaac.

With that, you've gotten some extra lore as well as the "Final Regeneration" achievement to add to the collection. Take a look at some of our other Dead Space remake guides, such as how to complete the "Scientific Methods" side mission.

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Published Feb. 3rd 2023

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