He Built A Fully Functional Replica Of Cap's Shield. See It In Action HERE!

The Hacksmith has built an amazing replica of Captain America's shield and it really works!

The Hacksmith has taken Cosplay to a whole new level with a brilliant replica of Captain America's shield. Without access to any vibranium, he had to make do with the materials of our universe. What he developed is an amazing electromagnet system that allows him to catch, hold, and carry Cap's shield on his wrist or back. It seems to hold up in combat pretty well too. Watch him break concrete blocks, shatter windows, and deflect arrows. Don't expect this shield to block bullets or blasts from an arc reactor, but it's still probably the coolest piece of the Marvel universe to enter our world.


From the hair-metal days of the ColecoVision to the high definition man-buns of the PC master race, I've seen them all. Look no further for some good reading material while you're hanging out in the Facility bathroom with the golden gun waiting for some fool to walk in the door.

Published May. 18th 2016

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