Team Mexico Trailer For King of Fighters XIV Showcases Luchador Ramon

The new trailer for King of Fighters XIV showcases luchador Ramon's moves.

There has been a decent amount of footage released featuring Angel and King of Dinosaurs, who make up  two of the three parts of King of Fighters XIV's Team Mexico. In a trailer released yesterday, we were given the first in-depth look at the final piece of the Team Mexico Crew, the luchador Ramon. 

Ramon first appeared in King of Fighters 2000 and is making his triumphant return to the ring in SNK's upcoming installment of the classic series. In the trailer for Team Mexico, one can see that all three characters featured, King of Dinosaurs, Angel, and Ramon are grapplers, and each has their own individual flair when it comes to taking their opponents to the floor. 

King of Dinosaurs makes use of his huge frame and raptor costume to inflict some prehistoric pain, Ramon has a more flashy style that includes what seems to be SNK's tribute to Randy Orton's RKO, and Angel uses take her opponents down. 

Team Mexico is just one of the many groups of characters that have been revealed for KOF XIV, and we can expect upcoming additions based off of past King of Fighters game's extensive casts.

King of Fighters XIV's projected release date is August 23rd exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Published Jul. 9th 2016

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