How does Street Fighter V newcomer Necalli measure up against fan-favorites?

Necalli is a monster. We love him. Ken Masters, however, isn't really a fan.

Capcom took Evo 2015's stage this past weekend to announce Necallithe first new character for the long-awaited Street Fighter VNecalli is ruthless in his debut trailer.

Check him out for yourself:

As you can see, Necalli means business. In honor of the announcement, PlayStation logged onto the blogosphere to discuss his role in next year's addition to the nearly 30-year franchise:

Hailing from a mysterious background, Necalli utilizes a wild, animalistic fighting style to brutalize his opponents. There’s no finesse here as all of his attacks have been forged through the heat of battle to inflict maximum pain upon his opponents. However, beneath the surface of the crazed warrior lies a hidden genius that is unleashed upon V-Trigger activation.

The "V-Trigger" mentioned replaces the "Focus" mechanic as a critical power-up unique to each character. One of Necalli's V-Triggers undoes his braids to reveal a crimson mane, unleashing a beast state and utilizing a completely new set of moves.

Franchise-favorite Ken Masters is the newcomer's unfortunate opponent in the preview. Though he doesn't get a chance to counter in the video, Ken also relies upon quick, close-range attacks. Unlike Necalli's devastating onslaughts, however, Ken's movements are fluid and versatile. It'll be interesting to see neophyte Necalli go head-to-head with classic characters like Ken in a legitimate match.

Necalli is one of four brand new characters on a roster of 16 set to be available at the game's launch. More fighters will be released later on, all of which can be unlocked in-game or purchased for download. Street Fighter V is set for release March 2016.

How do you think Necalli will fare against the returning characters?


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Published Jul. 20th 2015
  • KungFro
    This guy is right up my alley. There's just something about the feral and bloodthirsty that I can get behind haha.
  • Jackson Ingram
    Yesssss. And I like that he's pretty straightforward. Nothing fancy, just awesome attacks.

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