Fallout 76 Guide: Arktos Pharma Location

Here's the exact location of the Arktos Pharma and a quick guide on how to complete the new Project Paradise event in Fallout 76.

Bethesda has just released a brand new Project Paradise update for Fallout 76, which includes a new location Arktos Pharma. Basically, it's an abandoned building with a huge dungeon underneath it filled all sorts of goodies.

The new event is now available in the Atomic Shop, so go get it now if you want to see all the new content in Fallout 76. And if you've done that already, but still can't find the location for Arktos Pharma on the map, then follow our quick guide below for all the instructions.

Arktos Pharma

The building of Arktos Pharma is located in the eastern part of the Forest region north of Sutton (see the exact location on the map above.)

The overground part of the lab doesn't offer too much except a Nuka-Cola machine and a medical supplies vending machine in the atrium area.

Behind the receptionist's deck you will find a working terminal, which controls the turrets outside, and a safe hidden in the floor.

In the western part of the building you will find stairs leading into the lab's loading bay, which contains a fusion generator with a fusion core, a weapons workbench, and an armor workbench.

Project Paradise

If you've used the elevator at the building's lobby, then you will enter the dungeon area, which will automatically start the Project Paradise quest.

Here is a simple sequence, which will allow you to complete the quest:

  1. Initialize the experiment at the terminal below the lobby
  2. Fill the feeding troughs:
    • Venison in Habitat A
    • Sludge in Habitat B
    • Radkelp in Habitat C
  3. Defend your animals from three waves of predators
  4. Defend your animals from the alpha predator

When you're done with the quest, you can collect all the loot around the lab.

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Published May. 23rd 2019

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