Temtem's Saipark is Open for Business

Better save your in-game money if you're hoping to plunder the Saipark for rare Temtem.

Crema Games just recently launched one of the promised end-game components for its MMO-meets-monster-catcher Temtem. The update offers Tamers a chance at rare Temtem with even rarer stat values. It also opens Saipark for business.

However, there are a few caveats involved for how you access it.

It's obvious that Saipark is Temtem's version of Pokemon's Safari Zone. You pay a fee, enter a special area, and get a chance at nabbing some rare critters. There are some key differences, though.

For one, the price changes each week. You'll also need Saicards instead of regular Tamer cards. After you use your initial batch of Saicards, you also have to pay for those. They get more expensive the more you use them.

The first weekly reset rewards and fees for Saipark Temtem.

On the plus side, you get a shot at two rare Temtem each week. These have a higher chance of being Luma Temtem (Shiny Temtem), of having special egg moves, or of having a guaranteed stat level. Two doesn't seem like very much per week, admittedly, so we're hoping this might change as development continues.

For now, the specifics for each week's Saipark bonanza aren't actually displayed in the game. The screenshots displaying the information are being posted on Temtem social channels until Crema gets them in the game itself.

In the meantime, read the full patch notes.

If you're not ready for Temtem's end-game yet, be sure to check out our growing collection of Temtem guides, including:


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Published Feb. 19th 2020

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