Sims 4 Cheats - Unlimited Money & Free Houses

The Sims 4 has a limited amount of cheats, and the most important is unlimited money.

The Sims 4 doesn't seem to have a great wealth of cheats or codes that we've found. It does however, cut out the middle man and have more than enough ways to give you effectively unlimited money. This more or less removes every other barrier in the game except time. 

[There are many more cheats for The Sims 4 than these. Check out our updated and extensive The Sims 4 cheats guides!]

Opening the Command Console

To open the command console type: Ctrl+Shift+C

Once the command console is open you can enter cheats to your hearts content.

Free Property

"FreeRealEstate on"

Open up the command console and type this while in the real estate purchasing screen to get any property for free. You can also kick other sims out of their houses, but there is lots of good real estate available without creating homeless sims.

Unlimited Money in 1k and 50k Increments


Type either of these codes into the command console for a quick 1,000 simoleons.


The spelling is correct since the term refers to gold, not "load." Typing this cheat in will net you a quick 50,000 simoleons.

Enjoy the cheats and remember a good bed is the key to sim happiness!

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Published Feb. 16th 2021
  • sarah_7491
  • sarah_7491
  • Alayna_9971
    There's also a cheat where you can just type in money(space)_____ to set how ever much you want
  • kaliyah_9772
    thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx worked a lot love sincerly kaliyahW
  • Sahara_2947
    They also kept (but slightly modified) the testingcheatsenabled..well...cheat lol) this makes it so that you can enter CAS(Create-A-Sim) anytime in-game, max moods, disable/enable mood decay, make dirty items clean and vice-versa by typing -


    (Type in exactly this--->) testingcheats true

    Hold SHIFT and left-click on a sim to enter CAS
    or hold SHIFT and left-click on the mailbox to edit moodlets

    HEADS UP - at least in my game - anytime you leave the property and come home, you have to reenable the cheats again.
  • Zak Cole

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