Lightning Returns... As Yuna

This post hit me right in the feels.

Lightning's coming back, and it's with a vengeance! Along with tons of new features to enhance your gameplay, Lightning is coming back more fly than ever.  Along with the other outfits showcased in this video, Square Enix revealed at the Tokyo Game Show that Lightning will also be able to cosplay as Yuna from Final Fantasy X.

The costume will be called "Spira's Summoner," and is one of over 80 different outfits Lightning will be able to wear in the upcoming Lightning Returns. Check out the trailer to see Lightning working the costume! 

For our japanese brethren, The Yuna costume will be available to players who purchase a copy of Final Fantasy X or X-2 HD for PlayStation Vita or PS3. As of yet there has been no announcement made on whether or not the tie in will also be available in North America.

Lightning Returns will also feature an additional pre-order incentive that makes good use of taking advantage of my feels. Players who pre-order will also be able to nab an in-game costume styled after Cloud Strife's from Final Fantasy 7.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will hit PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on Feb. 11, 2014 in the U.S.

Published Sep. 22nd 2013

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