Spiritfarer Physical Edition Releases This Summer

Thunder Lotus and iam8bit are also releasing the Spiritfarer soundtrack on vinyl at a later date.

Thunder Lotus and iam8bit announced a Spiritfarer physical edition for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The Spiritfarer physical edition release date is July 27, and it will cost $29.99 on PS4 and $34.99 on Switch.

It comes with much more than just the game.

The package includes a 96-page digital art book plus a digital copy of the Spiritfarer soundtrack, though no special box of tissues to use when you're listening to it. There's also a stamp and postcard set featuring some of the game's locations.

If the Spiritfarer soundtrack is mostly what you're after, though, you're in luck. Thunder Lotus and iam8bit also announced a Spiritfarer vinyl soundtrack along with a collector's edition, though they didn't share specifics as to what the collector's edition will contain yet.

Spiritfarer released in fall 2020, but Thunder Lotus still has plans for adding new islands, passengers, and more to the game. Most recently, Stella's sister Lily arrived in Spiritfarer, shedding new light on Stella's story (and making us cry again).


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Published May. 28th 2021

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