Tips Tagged Articles RSS Feed | Tips RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart — How to Get the Fully Stacked Trophy Fri, 18 Jun 2021 13:24:24 -0400 David Carcasole

There are 20 weapons to collect in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, and you'll have to unlock all 20 to earn the Fully Stacked trophy. But there is more to it than just collecting enough bolts to buy each weapon from Ms. Zurkon.

This quick Ratchet and Clank guide will tell you how earn the Fully Stacked trophy and be one step closer to the platinum for Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. Also, if you're jumping into the series for the first time, don't forget to check out our guide for beginners and our guide on which weapons to upgrade first

How to Earn the Fully Stacked Trophy

Earning the Fully Stacked trophy means finding each weapon in the game, and there are essentially three things you need to do if you intend on acquiring it. Purchase every weapon from Ms. Zurkon, collect all the spybots, and beat the game. 

Shopping Spree

Ratchet wearing a visor and standing in front of a stack of crates on a dark beach.

Bolts in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart are only good for buying two things: weapons and ammo. In previous entries, this also had to be balanced with armor, but all armor pieces are collectibles this time around, so your bolts are more streamlined than ever. 

Ammo will almost never cost you a lot, so make sure to buy as many weapons as you can every time you stop at a Ms. Zurkon shop. It's also important that you obtain weapons as quickly as possible, since switching between them and layering on damage is imperative to combat. 

Just make sure to sweep up your bolts after a battle and be on the lookout for smashable crates at all times. Making both of these regular practices goes a long way to earning every weapon much quicker. 

I Spy A Spybot

The Spybots may at first seem like your run-of-the-mill collectible, providing more information on each planet that you may or may not necessarily want, depending on how into the story and setting you are. But finding each one is absolutely imperative not just to getting the Fully Stacked Trophy, but also for getting one of the best weapons in the game. 

The Ryno 8 is an Easter egg machine and the return of a classic weapon for the series. The Ryno is always one of, if not the most powerful, weapons in every Ratchet and Clangame it appears in, and usually needs to be acquired through finding different pieces of a whole blueprint.

In Rift Apart, every Spybot includes a piece of the blueprint for the Ryno 8. Find all 10 Spybots, and Ms. Zurkon will build you the Ryno 8 for free. If you're having trouble finding them, you can look at our guide for how to get the Sargasso spybot, which is a little trickier than the others.

Also, don't forget to do the side mission on Ardolis the first time you arrive there. It'll reward you with a Map-O-Matic, a gadget that reveals every item on each map. It is, for obvious reasons, very useful for finding all collectibles, including Spybots. 

Get Ready for Challenge Mode

The purple challenge mode screen from the save slot menu.

The last thing you'll need to do is simply beat the game. There are two weapons that will only be made available to you after you've beaten the game and then entered into a new game plus, or Challenge Mode, as it's called in Rift Apart

The Bouncer and the Pixelizer are both only available once you've entered into Challenge Mode. However, anyone who purchased the deluxe edition of Rift Apart or pre-ordered the game will have access to the Pixelizer from the start. Though, you still need to beat the game to get the Bouncer.


That is everything you need to do to acquire the Fully Stacked trophy in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. You can get the Ryno 8 and all other weapons on your first playthrough, so don't expect it to pop until you've gone into challenge mode and picked up the final two weapons. 

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Monk Chamber Safe Combination: How to Get the Book of the Eons Fri, 18 Jun 2021 11:08:52 -0400 ChrisPenwell

As you make your way through Ninja Gaiden Sigma, you'll eventually come to a monk chamber in Chapter 9. Though it's relatively easy to get to (we cover the steps to do so below just in case). It's an important room because it has the Book of the Eons, something you'll need to proceed in the story. So how do you find the monk room safe combination to get it? 

Our Ninja Gaiden Sigma guide below tells you everything you need to know. Once you reach the monk chamber, you can read the notes on the table or follow our detailed instructions below on how to unlock the safe. 

How to Reach the Monk Room in Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Ryu in fighting stance, sword pointed at flying Monk Fiend gargoyle enemy.

Go to the main hallway of the cathedral and turn right. Enter the long rectangular door, and then enter the Archive. Finish off the enemies that spawn. Be careful of the skeletal mage that can appear and disappear at a moment's notice. 

Once the enemies are finished off, a gate to a library will open. Next, break the glass on the right side and collect the incendiary shuriken. Once you've collected it, go left near the creepy occult paintings. A brick wall will be on your right. Wall jump to get to a higher platform. 

Library with glass display cases and metal globe in center.

Once you're up there, you'll see a wall that has a slice taken out of it. Equip the incendiary shuriken and throw it. The wall will explode.

Skip past the enemies that appear behind it, and run to the door. You are now at the top section of the cathedral. There is a door on the other side of the narrow path. Open it. You're now in the monk room. 

Monk Safe Combination

Monk room table with candles, a diary, quill, and other trinkets on it.

When you enter the monk room, go to your left to find a desk with two candles, an atlas, and a bunch of stacked books. Head to the candles and you'll see an open book.

The diary will tell you some clues on how to unlock a safe. Note down 2712, the day and the month, the monk writes in their diary. Next, write down the direction: right, left, left, right.

Solving the Monk Safe Puzzle

On the right of the monk's room, you'll see an unlit fireplace with a safe above it. Press the confirm button to start the puzzle.

Go clockwise to 2, then counter-clockwise to 7. Continue to go counter-clockwise to 1, and then clockwise to 2 once more. If you mess up, you have to reset by backing out out of the puzzle completely.

Monk safe puzzle with number dial and blue lights.

Once the safe puzzle is solved, you'll gain the Book of the Eons. You'll immediately be faced with a wave of enemies, and the door will lock.

Use some of the incendiary shurikens to take out the magicians quickly. In order to go into the underground section of the cathedral and move forward in the story, jump back down to the main hall of the cathedral. Be carfeul: there may be some enemies that spawn.

Ryu standing in front of table with candles and gold box with Book of Eons.

Either dispatch them or go up to the pedestal straight away. After a cutscene, you can drop down to the area below. 

And that's how you get to the monk and get the monk safe combination in Ninja Gaiden Sigma. The game only gets harder from here, so best of luck! To make things easier and take enemies out more quickly, make sure to use ninpo!

How to Get Gems in Roblox Noob Army Tycoon Fri, 18 Jun 2021 10:35:54 -0400 Sergey_3847

Noob Army Tycoon in Roblox has a new in-game currency called gems. These gems can be used to purchase new pets and hats. That is the only way you can purchase them, so finding this currency has become a huge priority for many players. This guide will provide you with all the methods on how to get gems in Roblox Noob Army Tycoon.

Fortunately, the developer of the game included several ways to get gems. Some are easier than others, but you never know which one will work for you the best.

How to Get Gems in Roblox Noob Army Tycoon

Finding Gems Chest

One of the most consistent methods of obtaining gems without spending any money is to find a gems chest.

This type of chest becomes available after you collect all $5,000 treasure chests. You can use our guide for finding all these treasure chests in Roblox Noob Army Tycoon.

Once you get all those chests, a new batch of chests will start randomly appearing in the world:

  • Normal Chest ($5,000)
  • Silver Chest ($25,000)
  • Golden Chest ($100,000)
  • Diamond Chest ($1,000,000)
  • Gems Chest (500 gems)

The gems chest, as well as other mentioned chests, will appear randomly in one of the following locations:

Map of islands showing gems chest locations with red markers.

Normal chests spawn most frequently, while diamond chest spawns being extremely rare. The gems chest spawns equally to the golden chest.

This means that you need to regularly check these spots for chests. Once in a while, you will be able to get the gems chest. If not, then you will get other types of chests. But they will always appear in the same spots.

First, check the base itself. The two opposite corners at the entrance of the base will have one of these chests spawning.

Then, check the bridge to the east of the base. The gems chest may spawn inside the pillar with an illusory wall supporting the bridge.

After that, check out the island east of the base with a shack. The chest may appear either inside the shack itself or inside the cave in the hill.

Lastly, move up to the bridge above the island with a shack and see if there's a chest under the bridge.

Mining Gems

Another consistent way of getting gems is mining them at a specific location, although this method is quite costly.

The gems mine outlined in red box in the water near a dock

Take your boat to a small island located to the left of the giant Noob Statue at the edge of the map. Once you arrive at the location, follow these steps:

  1. Interact with the blue square on the ground
  2. Pay $10,000 and 10,000 research points to unlock the Gems Mine
  3. Interact with the green square on the ground
  4. Pay the following amounts to unlock Gems Miners:
    • Level 1: $400,000
    • Level 2: $800,000
    • Level 3: $1,200,000
    • Level 4: $1,600,000
    • Level 5: $2,000,000

Each level of Gem Miners will produce five extra gems every 10 minutes. This means that Level 1 will produce 5 gems and Level 5 will produce 25 gems every 10 minutes.

In addition to gems mine, you can also unlock the golden mine in the same way as described above.

Lastly, at the docks near the gems mine island, you will be able to unlock Money Trader. This noob can turn your gems into money with the converting rate of $10,000 for 100 gems.

Killing Gems Noobs

The most random but valid method of obtaining gems is to kill Gems Noobs. These are special troops that spawn randomly within enemy units.

You can't really know which noobs are Gems Noobs, but you need to kill as many noobs as you can, and if you're lucky, you will kill such a noob and get 250 gems.

You will receive a message in your inbox that you've killed a Gems Noob and that's it.

Use the Gems Code

You can also use the special code that will grant you free 1,000 gems. Follow these steps to get them:

  1. Tap on the Twitter icon on the right side of the screen
  2. Enter code: 100MVisits
  3. Press "Enter" to confirm

This code is a gift from the developer of the game to all players.

That's all you need to know on how to get gems in Roblox Noob Army Tycoon. Be sure to check out other Roblox-related articles on our dedicated hub page.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Weapons to Upgrade First Thu, 17 Jun 2021 20:42:03 -0400 David Carcasole

Weapons are important in every Ratchet and Clank game, and Rift Apart continues that legacy with a varied and wacky arsenal. But there's more to your guns than their cool aesthetic. Each of them can be leveled up through collecting Raritanium, and consistently upgrading your weapons is imperative for late-game survival. So, which weapons should you upgrade first?

Since Raritanium lives up to its name for being well, rare, you'll need to pick and choose where and how to spend it. While that decision can boil down to your preferred playstyle, there are some specific weapons you should focus on early in your playthrough. 

This Ratchet and Clank weapons guide will walk you through which weapons you'll want to focus on first. In other words, the weapons that will aid you the most at the beginning and be consistent throughout the rest of your playthrough. 

Blast Pistol

Blast Pistol

It shouldn't be a surprise to see the Blast Pistol on this list. It's the first weapon you get in the game, but don't think that you won't need it once you buy a second weapon. The Blast Pistol works extremely well as a rapid-fire weapon to keep pressure on enemies while providing consistent damage

It's also extremely easy to strafe and avoid enemy projectiles while you hold down "R2" to let your pistol go to work.

Leveling it up and spending Raritanium will earn you a weapon with the speed of a submachine gun with a three-shot spread. Its usefulness cannot really be understated; it can be helpful in practically every fight you face. It's not the best weapon in the game, but it is arguably one of the most versatile. 

Topiary Sprinkler

Toxiary Sprinkler (Topiary Sprinkler)

The Topiary Sprinkler or Toxiary Sprinkler is a passive weapon that works by throwing a turret, though rather than showering your enemies with bullets, the sprinkler sprays them with water that transforms anything into a living garden. This works to effectively trap your enemies in an earthy prison for a few seconds while you get in some devastating hits. 

Passive weapons in Ratchet and Clank have always been a key element to core gunplay, but Rift Apart takes it to the next level where you'll find it far more difficult to survive enemy encounters by not using them. More than anything, it is important that you pick at least one passive weapon to focus on, though the Topiary Sprinkler is arguably the best passive gun in the game.

It stuns multiple enemies at once, the damage you do while they're trapped adds on to damage from the sprinkler, and once you've leveled it up across both experience points and Raritanium, you'll have a reliable support weapon you can always use in every situation, especially boss battles where it can help you burn through a bosses health.


Peacemaker (Warmonger)

The Warmonger, or the Peacemaker as it's known when fully upgraded, is your classic rocket launcher. You'll get it later in the game than the previously mentioned weapons, but it is just as imperative to focus on it when you do get it.

The first upgrade you'll want to acquire is the homing rockets upgrade, and once you have that, you've now started to build on one of the best weapons in Rift Apart

The rockets do excessive amounts of damage, though they will at first be slow to fire. That trade-off offsets the more you spend Raritanium on it.

The Warmonger is a classic fan favorite Ratchet and Clank weapon for its simplicity and power. There isn't much to understand other than it is a powerful weapon that you'll want to have fully upgraded by the time you reach late-game encounters.

Lightning Rod

Lightning Rod

The Lightning Rod is another new weapon introduced in Rift Apart. It's a mixture between the Blast Pistol and Topiary Sprinkler in terms of use. It fires like the Blast Pistol, and after piling on damage, it will eventually stun your enemies, like the Topiary Sprinkler. 

It also affects multiple enemies the more you upgrade it. When you finish off an enemy with the Lightning Rod, any enemy close by will automatically be electrocuted as well.

Upgrading the range, auto-aim, and arc of the Lightning Rod will help to give you a strong weapon that can deal heavy damage on its own while giving you the opportunity to layer on further damage.



The Drillpack is as hilarious as it is useful. You're not launching drills that lock on to enemies; rather you're launching tiny drill kamikaze robots that dig into the ground and launch directly into your enemy's face.

Upgrading the Drillpack earlier in the game lets you lock on to multiple enemies at once. The Drillpack is also likely to knock over or partially stun enemies with the force of its impact, giving you an open window for the kill.


There you have it! Five weapons that you should absolutely focus on upgrading first when playing Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. Of course, some of your choices may differ depending on your specific playstyle, and if that's you then let us know in the comments which you recommend! For more Rift Apart, consider heading over to our Rift Apart guides page

How to Use Ninpo in Ninja Gaiden Sigma Thu, 17 Jun 2021 19:59:40 -0400 ChrisPenwell

The Ninja Gaiden Master Collection makes it easier than ever to play the classic trilogy on modern platforms. Something that may confuse first-time players, on the other hand, is the Ninja Gaiden ninpo system.

The game barely mentions the mechanic, but it's essential to get the upper hand on enemies. The guide below explains what ninpo are, how to equip them, and how to use them.

What are Ninpo in Ninja Gaiden Sigma? 

Equipment selection screen showing two ninpo scrolls.

Ninpo are scrolls that you can either collect or buy. They give Ryu new abilities in battle. For both of the ninpo above, Ryu can summon flames that encircle with The Art of the Fire Wheels, giving him protection. In addition, he can blast a plume of flame with The Art of the Inferno like The Legend of Korra.

However, you can't go willy nilly with these powers. You have to wait for Ryu's Ki power to return after a period of time. You can replenish Ki by drinking the Elixir of the Devil Way and similar items. As you get further into the game, you'll gain more Ki with specific objects that grow the meter. Your Ki is signified by the flame(s) under your health bar. 

How to Equip Ninpo 

Go to the main menu and toggle over Equipment. Next, press right on the D-Pad and go down to Ninpo. Press right again and you can then select your preferred ninpo with the confirm button. 

How to Use Your Equipped Ninpo

Ryo using a fire ninpo scroll with four flame columns shooting out from his body.

You are now all set to use your elemental abilities. Press your projectile button and the heavy attack button together. If you have the flame in the top left of the screen, you'll be able to use your attack. Make sure that is well-timed and isn't wasted as Ki is slow to replenish.

And that's how you use ninpo in Ninja Gaiden Sigma in the Ninja Gaiden Master Collection. You are now a Ninpo pro. 

How to Carve a Pumpkin in Minecraft Thu, 17 Jun 2021 18:23:00 -0400 Gavin Burtt

Up until Minecraft snapshot 17w47a, pumpkins would naturally spawn in the world with carved out faces. This is no longer the case, and natural pumpkins form more realistically and  faceless.

Of course, this means that natural pumpkins can no longer be used to make Snow Golems, Iron Golems, jack-o-lanterns, or be worn as a hat. So how do you carve a pumpkin in Minecraft

It's actually pretty easy, and the guide below tells you everything you need to know about carving pumpkins in Minecraft.

How to Carve a Pumpkin in Minecraft

A batch of pumpkins in a grassy biome with a cow in the background.

Equip a pair of shears, which can be crafted with two iron ingots, then interact with a placed pumpkin to carve it. Doing so will make the face appear, and you can then mine and collect the carved pumpkin as normal.

Carving it will also make it drop pumpkin seeds, which can be used to further farm pumpkins, or even to breed chickens.

How to Find Pumpkins in Minecraft

Before you can carve a pumpkin, you have to find one. Pumpkins naturally spawn in almost every Overworld biome, requiring only a grass block with an empty air space above it to appear.

This means that with the exception of deserts, beaches, and oceans, you can find pumpkins virtually anywhere. Look for grassy biomes with few visual obstructions, such as taiga or plains biomes, to find them.

You can also find pumpkins in Woodland Mansions, pillager outpost tents, taiga villages (they replace haybales). You can find pumpkin seeds as dungeon, mansion, village, or mineshaft loot, which you can then grow.

Carved pumpkins can be found naturally, too, appearing in rail rooms inside Woodland Mansions, as well as in pillager outposts, where they act as the heads of scarecrows.

What You Can Do With Carved Pumpkins

Carved pumpkins can be used to make jack-o-lanterns by placing them above a torch on a crafting table. They can also be worn on your head by placing them in the helmet slot of your inventory; this allows you to look Endermen in the face without upsetting them. This is great if you are going to the End to fight the dragon.

Finally, they can be used to spawn Snow Golems and Iron Golems. Place a carved pumpkin atop a two-high pillar of snow blocks to make a Snow Golem, or atop an upright, T-shaped arrangement of iron blocks to make an Iron Golem.

What You Can't Do With Carved Pumpkins

A carved pumpkin can not be used to make pumpkin pie, nor can it be placed into a crafting table to retrieve four pumpkin seeds, so don't make the mistake of shearing your pumpkin if you were planning on doing either of these things. 


That's everything you need to know about how to carve pumpkins in Minecraft, as well as how to find and what they're used for. Check out our other Minecraft guides while you're here, or use our Minecraft seeds articles to find your next favorite seed!

Minecraft: How to Kill the Enderdragon With Beds Thu, 17 Jun 2021 16:56:10 -0400 Gavin Burtt

Minecraft developers at Mojang long ago added trapped beds to the game to kill players who attempted to sleep in the Nether or End. Interacting with them meant they would explode instantaneously and could kill anyone not properly protected. Now, experienced players have turned the tables on these traps, instead using these beds to defeat the Enderdragon.

This method of taking down the Enderdragon is very inexpensive, but it is the method of choice for speedrunners, due to how incredibly quick and easy it is. Because of differing dragon behavior in Bedrock Edition, the setup detailed in this guide is intended for the Java version of the game.

How to Kill the Enderdragon With Beds

The Enderdragon exploding in Minecraft.

To kill the Enderdragon with beds, you'll need some beds. First-timers should bring along 12-15 beds. These beds can be stolen from villager houses or crafted with just three wool and three wooden planks each. Other than the beds, you'll need to bring some cobblestone blocks, a bow and arrows, a bucket of water in case you upset some Endermen, a pickaxe, and food.

While it isn't absolutely necessary, it's recommended that you take down the crystals atop the obsidian pillars in the End before taking on the dragon with beds. These crystals can be used by the dragon to regenerate health

Use your bow and arrows to blow up the crystals. Alternatively, you can pillar up to the crystals and punch them to destroy them, though the explosion can hurt you or knock you off into a long fall.

The crystals that are encased in iron bars can be shot from the ground. Just aim your shot up through the holes in the corners of the cages. 

Once the crystals are dealt with, head to the bedrock fountain in the center of the island and place one piece of cobblestone on the third block from the top, just beneath the torches. This is the block you will be standing on. The beds will be placed on the top of the bedrock above you.

A bedrock fountain with torches in a desert biome in Minecraft.

Stand a fair distance away and keep an eye on the dragon, dodging any attacks. Make sure your hotbar is filled with nine beds. Eventually, the dragon will fly directly overtop the fountain and begin to slowly spiral down toward it. You will know the dragon is coming down when it begins to make very abrupt jerking motions to the side directly above it.

As soon as you see the dragon spiraling down, run in and jump up onto your cobblestone, then jump up and place a bed atop the peak of the bedrock.

A bed on top of the bedrock fountain in Minecraft.

Wait until the dragon is at the bottom of its descent and is spiraling just a few blocks above the fountain. Interact with the bed when its head is as close to the pillow of the bed as possible to maximize damage. Immediately jump up and place another bed in the same spot and blow it up when its head is close by. 

With as many beds as you brought with you, you should have absolutely no problem in killing the Enderdragon. No need to stock up on armor or a decked-out bow and sword. All you need is some wood and wool and you can take down Minecraft's final boss in mere minutes.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Zurpstones Guide: How to Get the Sargasso Spybot Mon, 14 Jun 2021 13:20:30 -0400 Aaron Bayne

There are a lot of collectables scattered around Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, and while most are relatively simple to find, Zurpstones, which are specific to Sergasso, can be a little confusing to locate. They're part of the Help Trudi side quest, but getting them all isn't exactly easy. 

This Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Zuerpstones guide will walk you through how to find Zurpstones, why you need them, and what you get for all of your efforts.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Zurpstones Guide

Help Trudi Side Quest 

Zurpstones are locked to an optional side quest in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, which becomes available after liberating the Sargasso Outpost and the resident Morts. Besides the main hub area – where your ship is located – you’ll see one of the Morts tending to a dragon-like creature called Trudi.

Mort will ask you to collect Zurpstones for Trudi, who is a poor wee soul too tired to collect them for herself. You’ll first be tasked with collecting 30 Zurpstones for Trudi, which can be very easily located nearby.

For reference, Zurpstones are purple plants littered throughout Sargasso.

Just head back towards your ship's location and jump the collapsed bridge with a Sneedle. The first batch of Zurpstones will be surrounded by some of Nefarious’ men. Zurpstones can also be found:

  • At the nearby factory
  • In Rivet’s hideout
  • Along with most central ground-level locations

The good thing is that Zurpstones are marked on the map, making the process of collecting them a bit more efficient. 

Return to Mort and Trudi

Once you have collected your 30 Zurpstones, return to Mort and Trudi. You will be rewarded with a pair of Space Boots.

However, Mort will then ask for another favor: collect 60 Zurpstones. Collecting 60 Zurpstones will unlock one of 10 Spybots scattered throughout Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. This time, however, you can do it with the help of Trudi, who can fly you around the map.

Collect Zurpstones with Trudi

Annoyingly, you cannot collect Zurpstones while riding Trudi. You must find select perch points to land on, and then collect the Zurpstones on foot.

Trudi’s perch points can be found in the southern half of the map, and typically have Zurpstones nearby.

Once you have collected all ground-level Zurpstones (45), you’ll unlock the ability to breathe fire as Trudi. This allows you to collect Zurpstones that are located in previously unreachable places, such as the tower and cylinder peaks, as well as high ledges.

Again, refer to your map for directions, and the Zurpstones will typically stand out with their purple hue.

Collect the Spybot

Once you have collected all 60 Zurpstones, return to Mort. He will reward you with the Sargasso Spybot. Spybots unveil information about each world they are located on, and by collecting the other nine Spybots – found across Rift Apart’s worlds – you will be able to access an ultimate weapon from weapons vendor Ms. Zurkon. 

And that's how you find and collect all of the Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Zurpstones for Trudi to get the Sargasso Spybot. For more guides on Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, be sure to stick around with GameSkinny.

The Easiest Way to Get the Halo 2 Scarab Gun Easter Egg Mon, 14 Jun 2021 13:04:27 -0400 Gavin Burtt

Many things make Halo a great series, but the thing that sets it apart the most is its vast catalog of Easter Eggs. The series has no shortage of these, and one of its most popular — the Halo 2 Scarab Gun — is maybe its best. 

Whether you're just looking to play with the legendary hidden weapon or looking to unlock the "Scarab Lord" achievement in the Master Chief Collection, attaining this weapon will be tricky. The traditional method involves luring a banshee all the way through the tunnel on Metropolis, while the new-age method involves using the Feather skull and a rocket launcher to super-launch to the gun.

For this Halo 2 Scarab Gun guide, however, we'll be tackling this Easter Egg with a much more consistent, much cooler method.

How to Reach the Halo 2 Scarab Gun

The Scarab Gun can be found atop a very tall building on the level Metropolis. The method that we'll be using requires two controllers in split-screen on Easy difficulty. You'll use a pelican to fly up to the skull.

Pelicans aren't traditionally pilotable, but by using a glitch called Arbitrary Unit Possession, you can trick the game into spawning you as a marine who can pilot the pelican. 

How to Spawn as a Marine

Load up Metropolis on Easy difficulty in local co-op split-screen with the Envy skull enabled. This skull replaces your flashlight with cloaking, which will be imperative in getting this to work.

As soon as the level loads, enter the warthog to your right with player one and wait for the two marines to hop in. It is very important that you don't shoot, throw grenades, or honk your horn at any point.

Hop into the scorpion with your second player and drive it to the left, towards the corner between the concrete wall and the ledge of the bridge, seen below:

Make sure you are aligned as in the image above, then hold forward and aim about 45 degrees to the right and up. This will allow you to drive partly up the wall, though it can be a bit finicky.

Turn left once you are at the peak of your climb, such that the scorpion is leaning against the other wall. Take your hand off all buttons and the scorpion will slide partly down the wall. Exit the vehicle. The result will be a scorpion resting at a slight upward angle against the left wall.

Exit the warthog with player one and melee your second player to death six times, but be careful not to pick up any of their grenades or weapon drops. After each death, move a few feet to the side, so that they respawn away from their previous corpse. You don't want them picking up old drops either. 

Following the final respawn after the six deaths, have the second player carefully pick up two grenades from the ground and nothing else. Move player two over to the scorpion and have them crouch-walk under it, then towards the lowest point of the tank.

With your first player, jump up on top of the scorpion, then over the edge and off the bridge to your death. If done correctly, you should not respawn, as there is no room around player two to do so. Pause the game and restart the mission.

Enter the warthog and pick up the marines again with player one, then drive to the corner where you previously set up the scorpion. Exit the hog and climb up onto the ledge, but don't jump off the edge yet.

Now, you must progress across the bridge with player two without getting shot at. This means you can't allow the enemies to shoot at all, so you'll have to be sneaky. If you hear a shot of any kind fired at any point (including wraiths, marines, etc.), revert the checkpoint.

Progress along the right side of the bridge to the right of the flipped truck. When you pass it, immediately activate cloaking at the point pictured below and keep running to the next flipped truck.

Keep running forward. The ghosts should ignore you. Once you run past the cab of the red truck, activate cloaking a second time, at the point shown here.

Once you reach the next red truck, hug the right side of the truck and wait for cloaking again. This should be the first time you completely stop moving.

Activate it and run forward and to the right of the white truck ahead. Jump up the incline to your right and hide behind the giant strut on the bridge, as seen below.

Throw two grenades off the cliff, wait for camo, then activate and run forward to the second cable. Crouch here, out of sight, and wait for camo again. Run to the fourth cable, then repeat until you are at the sixth cable.

Wait for camo, then have the player by the warthog jump off the cliff. At the same time that you jump the player off, activate camo with the other player and start jumping and meleeing as you continue to run down the side of the bridge.

Stay to the right of the cables, and even when your camo runs out, keep going, past the wraith. After you've passed four cables, stop jumping and meleeing, but keep running.

Assuming you didn't trigger any enemies to shoot, your second player should now spawn behind you as a marine. The hard part of the trick is now done.

At this point, you are free to shoot as you please. Board the wraith with Chief, kill the driver, then enter the wraith with the marine. Since you are playing as an NPC, the auto-turrets in the wraith will fire for you, and you can boost a lot more frequently, which is pretty neat.

How to Pilot the Pelican

Continue forward until you are in the tunnel and see a warthog appear on your right. Get on the turret with the marine, and in the driver seat with Chief. Drive it up the ramp ahead of you, past the blockade.

The game will keep trying to eject you from the warthog since marines aren't supposed to be in one at this point, but just keep re-entering it. It's essential that the marine is in the warthog when you pass this load zone, otherwise, he can be despawned.

Weave the hog through the debris in this area, then drive up the incline to the right at the end, past the second large blockade. Drive over it, take a right into the small room, then drive through the tunnel ahead and to the left. Continue driving through the level until you reach the section with the two wraiths.

Kill the wraiths, then the snipers that the phantom drops off, and the jackal snipers. At this point, a pelican should swoop in and hover above the bridge closest to the building that you need to enter.

Climb up the stairs to this bridge with the marine and wait for the pelican to come overhead. When it stops, stand underneath the turret at the front, look up and hold the reload button to boot the pilot out. Climb in with the same button and you are free to fly around!

Use the jump button to fly up, and the crouch button to descend. Other than that, the flying controls are the same as a banshee.

Ascend straight up, all the way above the building pictured below. You should be able to see a small orange pylon on the building, with a peculiar plasma rifle sitting atop it. Fly down to it.

This is the Scarab Gun, the most powerful weapon in the series. You can then fly back down to Earth with your newfound superweapon and tear through the rest of the level.

And that's how to get the Halo 2 Scarab Gun Easter egg the easiest way possible. It's still involved, sure, but it's the most effective way to get the gun.You'll even get an achievement for all of your efforts.  

Muck Crafting Recipes Guide Mon, 14 Jun 2021 12:39:15 -0400 Sergey_3847

Collecting and mining resources is an essential part of the survival aspect of the game Muck. Fortunately, there are plenty of ores and types of wood to collect and use for crafting various tools, weapons, and armor. This guide will list all crafting recipes in Muck for your convenience.

Before crafting any of the tools or gear, players need to make and place crafting stations. Each one is used for different sorts of crafting.

The furnace is used to smelt ore into ingots, the anvil is used to create tools and equipment, the cauldron is used to cook food, the fletching table is used to make bows and arrows, and the work bench is used for general lower crafting.

Muck Crafting Recipes List

Muck Crafting Station Recipes
Work Bench 10x Wood
Furnace 15x Rock
Cauldron 10x Wood
10x Rock
Anvil 5x Iron Bar
15x Rock
Fletching Table
25x Birch Wood
10x Flint


Muck Melee Weapon Recipes
Steel Sword
7x Iron Bar
5x Birch Wood
Gold Sword
5x Gold Bar
5x Wood
Mithril Sword
5x Mithril Bar
5x Fir Wood
Adamatite Sword
5x Adamatite Bar
5x Oak Wood
Wyvern Dagger
1x Wyvern Claw
10x Oak Wood
Chunky Hammer
1x Hammer Shaft
10x Chunkium Bar


Muck Armor Recipes
Steel Armor
45x Steel Bar
Gold Armor
40x Gold Bar
Mithril Armor
45x Mithril Bar
Adamatite Armor
40x Adamatite Bar
Chunky Armor
30x Chunkium Bar


Muck Bow Recipes
Wood Bow
1x Rope
10x Wood
Birch Bow
1x Rope
10x Birch Wood
Fir Bow
1x Rope
10x Fir Wood
Oak Bow
1x Rope
10x Oak Wood


Muck Arrow Recipes
Flint Arrow
1x Flint
4x Wood
Steel Arrow
1x Steel Bar
5x Birch Wood
Mithril Arrow
1x Mithril Bar
5x Fir Wood
Adamatite Arrow
1x Adamatite Bar
5x Oak Wood


Muck Axe and Pickaxe Recipes
Wood Axe/Pickaxe
5x Bark
5x Wood
Steel Axe/Pickaxe
5x Bark
10x Birch Wood
5x Iron Bar
Gold Axe/Pickaxe
5x Bark
5x Wood
5x Gold Bar
Mithril Axe/Pickaxe 5x Bark
10x Fir Wood
5x Mithril Bar
Adamatite Axe/Pickaxe
5x Bark
10x Oak Wood
5x Adamatite Bar


Those are all available crafting recipes in Muck survival game. If you are looking for a way to respawn your dead character in Muck, then check out the respawn guide right here.

How to Change and Equip Weapons in Chivalry 2 Sun, 13 Jun 2021 12:07:56 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Knowing how to change weapons in Chivalry 2 can be the difference between staying alive and waiting on the respawn timer. Whether it's a halberd or a knife, every weapon serves a purpose. Some weapons that you equip have increased range and damage but may be slow, requiring more strategic combat moves. Other weapons are fast and deadly but only effective at short range. 

Still, each weapon you equip carries with it three unique attributes. The Pole Axe, for example, has faster recovery, increased stamina negation on block, and bonus damage to shields.

On top of these attributes, those beyond the basic starting weapons are better than others against specific enemy types. The Pole Axe is a chop variant that does 25% more damage to knights and 17.5% more damage to footmen. 

Every battle in Chivalry 2 is contextual, and the smaller fights within those even more contextual. You may find yourself switching up, changing, and equipping weapons to gain an advantage against a man at arms or knight. 

How to Change Weapons in Chivalry 2

First person view of a Vanguard soldier holding a battle axe on a beach with ships and mountains in the background.

Whether you're using a mouse and keyboard or a controller, changing weapons in Chivalry 2 is pretty straightforward. We'll go over each method below as it pertains to switching up gear to equip new weapons.  

How to Change Weapons Using a Mouse and Keyboard

On mouse and keyboard, you change and equip weapons by pressing the numbers on your keyboard. These are the default keybindings.

  1. Primary weapon
  2. Secondary weapon
  3. Primary item (some classes have traps, others have throwables)
  4. Special attack/action
  5. Bandage
  6. Fists

Of course, you can completely remap these bindings on PC to suit your personal preference. 

How to Change Weapons Using a Controller

Chivalry 2 weapon wheel superimposed on a village and Vanguard holding an axe.

Using a controller, you can switch weapons, items, and healing items by pressing right on the D-pad. This goes through your options from left to right. Conversely, you can also cycle through them from right to left by pressing left on the D-pad. Cycling through your items from right to left is helpful if you want to quickly get to a healing item.

You can also press and hold the right thumbstick to bring up the weapon wheel. Here, you can use the right thumbstick to highlight your primary and secondary weapons, as well as your fists and items. However, you cannot select a healing item through the weapon wheel. 

Note that on controller, your special attack/action is mapped to Y or Triangle. 

How to Equip Other Primary and Secondary Weapons

Chivalry 2 vanguard weapon equip screen showing war club stats.

As you make progress through the game's online modes, you'll gain experience toward your overall player level and class. This lets you unlock new primary and secondary weapons. However, you can't switch to them on the fly. 

To change primary and secondary weapons, you must open the in-game menu during a match and select change class. This brings up information on your current class, as well as your selectable primary and secondary weapons. If you've reached the requisite class level for a weapon, it will be unlocked and selectable. Choose the weapon, and you'll have it when you respawn. 

That's all you need to know about how to change weapons in Chivalry 2. While you still have to master the game's combat system, you'll have a better chance when you equip the right weapons. Chivalry 2, developed by Torn Banner Studios, is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

How to Craft a Water Collector in Green Hell Fri, 11 Jun 2021 14:10:47 -0400 Aaron Bayne

Anyone that has played even the slightest amount of Green Hell will know the demand for clean water. With disparate “thirsty”s uttered out from a dry mouth on the regular, you’ll need to have a consistent stream of quality H20, if you want to last past even your first day.

Yet like most games of its ilk, Green Hell keeps its watery options hidden. As much as it will be tempting to take a sip from a dirty river, it really isn’t worth the hassle it will cause. Instead, here is a guide on where to find water and how to craft a water collector, so you’ll have a constant collection of water to quench that unconquerable thirst.

Where to Find Clean, Fresh Water in Green Hell

Clean, freshwater is essential to survival, and before you get to any crafting, you will need to find some fast. As a Green Hell newbie, you will want to be on the lookout for coconuts. Before harvesting, coconuts are green and can be found at the foot of the large curved trees – some can even be seen at the top of the trees as well.

Once you find a coconut, strike it with any weapon you have collected, it will break down. You can now drink the clean water inside the coconut; you can even eat the flesh on the inside.

However, now that you have drunk the contents of the coconut, it is still useful. Eating the flesh will leave you with two coconut shells, which can be used to collect rainwater.

Simply pull a shell out from your backpack, and drop it on the ground. When it begins to rain, the shell will fill up and provide 10 hydration points.

However, if you aren’t keen on waiting for the rain to fall, this is where a water collector comes in handy.

How to Craft a Water Collector

Before you get started collecting materials for your water collector, you will need to find its blueprint. Heading to 51W 26S on the map will take you to the drug trafficking camp, where the blueprint can be found.

Now that you have the blueprint to craft a water collector, you will need the following crafting materials:

  • 4x Long Sticks
  • 4x Sticks
  • 4x Rope
  • 11x Banana Leaf

Much like our guides on how to start a fire, you can find long sticks and sticks by striking down a tree with a knife. Rope can be found on the side of trees; it's called Liana. Banana Leaf can be found all over the map and will split when you strike the plant.

With the materials in place, you can select the water symbol on the right of your notebook, find the water collector, and begin to place the needed materials.

With the water collector crafted, it will begin to siphon water through the shoot of banana leaves. Take your coconut shell from earlier and place it under the water collector. It will then be near-instantly filled.

A tortoise shell can also be used in place of a coconut shell. While this method offers no more hydration than simply placing the shell on the ground, it will fill the shell far quicker, allowing you to get the most of the rainy spell. A tortoise shell can also collect clean, freshwater, albeit slowly, when it isn’t actually raining.

How to Craft a Water Filter 

If however, you want a more direct source of water, look no further than the water filter. This life-saver can be found at the fishing docks (51W 19S). The water filter will allow you to convert dirty river water to safe drinking water

To craft the water filter you will need: 

  • 2x Long Stick
  • 1x Bamboo Log 
  • 2x Rope
  • 3x Charcoal 
  • 2x Small Stone

If you do find the water filter at the docks, the nearby island will be filled with plenty of bamboo to collect. Charcoal can be found in burned-out fires, and small stones can be harvested from large stones, which are found randomly around the map. 

The water filter will also be found in the water section of your notebook. Once crafted, putting a coconut shell full of dirty river water into the water filter will start the cleansing process. However, much like the water collector, be sure to place another coconut shell under the filter. 

With a mixture of coconut shells, the water collector, and water filter, you will hopefully keep that hydration meter nice and full during your time in Green Hell. For more, consider checking out our other Green Hell guides!

How to Start a Fire in Green Hell Fri, 11 Jun 2021 13:57:56 -0400 Aaron Bayne

Man’s greatest friend in Green Hell is fire. You’ll need it to cook food, stay warm, stay sane, and maybe even just attain a nice ambience for your camp. However, as you’ll be seeing red with disastrously low carb, protein, fats, and hydration meters, figuring out how to get yourself some cozy flames going can be a bit much.

This guide will ease the pressure by showing you how to set up a basic Green Hell fire. It will also tell you how to craft the hand drill, as well as find two important types of tinder to get your fire going. 

How to Build a Fire Base in Green Hell

Building a Green Hell fire in is incredibly easy and requires the following ingredients:

  • 6x Small Sticks
  • 8x Sticks
  • 1x Hand Drill
  • 1x Dry Leaves

Sticks are the easiest items to come across, with plenty of harvestable trees in the jungle. You’ll need a basic bone knife to hack away at the trees, which can be found in the first abandoned village you’ll come across; it's there beside the hammock in the back of the small village.

Breaking down a tree will usually provide all kinds of sticks: large sticks, sticks, small sticks, and planks, all of random number. Large sticks can be chopped into sticks, and sticks can be chopped into small sticks, usually resulting in two of the item.

Once you have all of your wood collected, you’ll want to open up your notebook, navigate toward the fire symbol tab on the right side (third tab down from the top). Hover over the small fire drawing on the left page of the notebook, and select the small fire.

This will allow you to select where you want to place your fire on the ground. Once positioned, you can deposit all of your sticks and small sticks to actually build the fire. 

How to Craft a Hand Drill in Green Hell

Now that your fire base is built, you’ll need a hand drill and some dry leaves or a bird's nest to ignite it. Luckily, crafting a hand drill requires the same materials needed for the fire base, which makes it easily accessible if you neither have one or your previous one has worn out.

To craft a hand drill, you’ll need:

  • 1x Stick or Plank
  • 1x Small Stick

Once you have the materials, open the crafting menu and combine the crafting ingredients. 

To use your hand drill, simply open your backpack, however the cursor over the hand drill, and select the dropdown option. Select use. If you have tinder (dry leaves or a bird's nest) in your inventory, this will start a small animation, where the hand drill is placed in front of you.

How to Get Dry Leaves

You’ll come across dry leaves naturally. If you are short, you can typically find them on either the tree that provides bananas or the tree that drops nuts. Dry leaves are noticeable by their brown appearance

You can also make dry leaves if you have a bamboo dryer. Luckily, there is a bamboo dryer in the first village. Gather small leaf piles by chopping down bushes, then hang them on the bamboo drier. 

How to Get Bird's Nest

Bird's nests can be found on the ground and in trees. In the tutorial, you'll find a bird's nest on a log. Out in the real game, finding bird's nests can be difficult, and they're much more random it seems than dry leaves. Look high and low to find nests, but don't make them your main source of tinder early on.  

How to Start a Fire

Once you have placed the dry leaves or bird's nest into the hand drill, an animation will play, and you'll begin to spark up a small flame. Ensure that you have plenty of stamina when you begin this because if you run out mid animation, you will both deplete the durability of your hand drill and use up your tinder.

Once you have the ember ready to go, approach the planted fire base, and you will be prompted to “ignite." Choose that option, and you have fire!

Like anything else in Green Hell, fires also have durations and durability, and they will only last so long. A fire’s duration can be determined by the circled icon. You can extend a fire’s duration by inserting leaves, feathers, and various other items into the flames.

How to Respawn in Muck Game Fri, 11 Jun 2021 10:28:35 -0400 Sergey_3847

Since the release of Muck, a new free-to-play survival game on Steam, players have been wondering how the Muck respawn system works. It turns out that after death you don't actually respawn but simply lose all your progress and start a new game from scratch.

This guide will provide you with tips on how to respawn in Muck, as well as how to revive your other teammates. Spoiler: you'll need a mod to respawn in single-player, but we tell you how to get it. 

How to Respawn in Muck Game

Multiplayer Respawn

At launch, there was no option to respawn at all. But now players have the option to revive their teammates using special Revive Totems in multiplayer only.

These totems appear when one of the players dies on a multiplayer server. When other players interact with the totem, the dead player respawns.

This option is currently available during daytime for free. But if you want to revive your teammates at night, you will have to pay some coins.

Single Player Respawn

Currently, the single-player respawn mechanic has not been implemented in Muck. But there is a custom modification that allows players to set respawn points in single-player. This mod can be installed after joining the Muck Discord group.

Once you've joined the group and downloaded the mod, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Steam library
  2. Right-click on Muck and select "Properties"
  3. Go to "Local Files" and select "Browse"
  4. Copy the mod folder into the "\steamapps\common\Muck\Muck_Data\"
  5. Confirm to rewrite the existing files

Now, you can start the game, and when you die, your character will automatically respawn at the same spot within five seconds.

That's all you need to know on how to respawn in Muck, in both multiplayer and single-player. If this article was helpful to you, then consider giving it a share!

Minecraft 1.17: How to Tame Axolotls in Caves and Cliffs Thu, 10 Jun 2021 10:44:49 -0400 Sergey_3847

Axolotl is the first implemented amphibian mob in the Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update. This mob can be very useful, as it can fearlessly attack other underwater mobs, allowing you to freely explore such underwater structures like ocean monuments and ocean ruins.

Our guide will provide you with tips on how to tame and breed axolotls in Minecraft 1.17: Caves and Cliffs update. The process itself is quite simple, but requires certain preparations before you can farm them effectively.

How to Tame Axolotls in Minecraft 1.17

Axolotl Taming Step 1: Create a Water Farm

First, you need to dedicate some space for breeding axolotls at your place, either inside your house or outside. It can be something as simple as a water pool of 4x4 blocks or larger.

It is advisable to create a bigger pool or dedicate an entire small lake for their breeding. The more axolotls you have, the better.

Axolotl Taming Step 2: Get a Bucket of Axolotls

Pick up a water bucket from the Fisherman's chest in your village and visit a local cave.

Use torches to make your way through the darkness until your stumble upon a cave pond, which will surely have at least one or two axolotls.

Use the water bucket on axolotls to create a bucket of mob. You will need at least two axolotls for breeding.

Bring them back to your village and let them out into the pool of water.

Axolotl Taming Step 3: Get a Bucket of Tropical Fish

Axolotls will breed only when they eat tropical fish. You can get the fish in two ways:

  • You can catch them in your water bucket in the ocean biome
  • You can purchase a bucket of tropical fish from wandering traders for 5 emeralds

Whichever way you chose to get the bucket of tropical fish, bring it to the pool with your axolotls and let them eat the fish.

Axolotl Taming Step 4: Breed and Tame Axolotl

When axolotls are done eating the fish, they will start breeding and a baby axolotl will appear with a color of one of their parents. One of 1,200 cases will be a rare blue axolotl.

The baby axolotl will grow to a full adult in about 20 minutes, and you can repeat the process of breeding every five minutes.

When you have at least a dozen of axolotls, you can craft a shulker box using the following recipe:

  • 2x Shulker Shell
  • 1x Empty Chest

Then, you can place all of your axolotls in the shulker box and travel to the closest ocean monument. Set your axolotls free and watch them destroy every single guardian there!

That's all you need to know on how to tame and breed axolotls in Minecraft 1.17: Caves and Cliffs update. For more Minecraft guides, check out our dedicated hub page, and if you were looking for Minecraft seeds, head over to this page.

Minecraft 1.17: How to Find Amethyst Geodes in Caves and Cliffs Thu, 10 Jun 2021 10:40:03 -0400 Sergey_3847

Amethyst geodes are the newest underground structures in Minecraft 1.17: Caves and Cliffs update. They resemble compartments of calcite and amethyst blocks, layered on the outside and hollow inside. This guide will provide you with tips on how to find amethyst geodes in Minecraft 1.17.

These structures generate in 1 out of 53 chunks, which means they are quite common and you shouldn't have much trouble finding them. But there are certain locations where you can spot them easily without the need to dig up lots of soil.

How to Find Amethyst Geodes in Minecraft 1.17

Natural Generation

Amethyst geodes may generate at Y coordinates from 0 to 70. This means that you may find them on the surface of the overworld as well. This is good news as they do appear quite often at such locations like:

  • The ocean biomes and visible in the water
  • The surfaces of the savanna and desert biomes
  • Exposed in the ravines and caves

You should check these locations first before attempting to get underground. If you can't find them on the surface, then you can check out other underground structures that often intersect with amethyst geodes, such as:

  • Abandoned mineshafts
  • Dungeons with mob spawners
  • Underground ravines and caves
  • Strongholds
  • Underground ruined portals

Lastly, you can use our Minecraft seeds to get the exact coordinates of the amethyst geodes locations on the dedicated world seeds.


Amethyst geodes are a source of the following amethyst blocks:

  • Smooth Basalt
  • Calcite
  • Amethyst Cluster
  • Amethyst Bud
  • Amethyst Shard
  • Spyglass
  • Budding Amethyst
  • Block of Amethyst
  • Tinted Glass

While Smooth Basalt and Calcite are purely decorative blocks, other amethyst blocks have special and unique functions.

Amethyst buds and clusters radiate low levels of light that can be used in dark areas:

  • Small buds give light Level 1
  • Medium buds give light Level 2
  • Large buds give light Level 4

Spyglass, made of amethyst shards and copper ingots, can be used as a tool for zooming in, which allows you to see and explore far away areas in the distance.

Lastly, Tinted Glass has an ability to block light, which can be used for suppressing the light from the glowstone.

That's everything you need to know on how to find and use amethyst geodes in Minecraft 1.17: Caves and Cliffs update. For more Minecraft guides, check out our dedicated hub page, and if you were looking for Minecraft seeds, head over to this page.

How to Craft the Green Hell Fishing Rod Wed, 09 Jun 2021 13:37:41 -0400 Aaron Bayne

Crafting is the name of the game in Green Hell. As you make your way through the Amazon, you'll build traps, shelter, fires, beds, weapons, and tools, all of which are essential to surviving in this perilous jungle. However, while so many elements you come across are integral in multiple crafting recipes, the Green Hell Brazil Nut is needed for a singular but essential tool: the Fishing Rod.

This guide will tell you how to build the Green Hell fishing rod, as well as how to find the sometimes elusive Brazil Nut. 

How to Craft the Green Hell Fishing Rod

While you'll hunt and kill other animals with rocks, bows, bone knives, and spears, sometimes catching your prey requires a little more elegance. For example, in most river areas, especially in those just below waterfalls, fish are easy to come by, and with a simple weak spear, you can catch most fish with ease.

However, if you are looking for something a little more tranquil, a fishing rod is the next best thing. Crafting a fishing rod is a relatively simple task, and you will need the following crafting materials:

  • 1x Long Stick or Long Bamboo Stick
  • 1x Rope
  • 2x Bird Feathers
  • 1x Brazil Nut Bowl

Finding most of the ingredients is easy. Long Sticks can be found by chopping down trees. Rope can be found hanging from the side of thicker trees (called Liana). Feathers can be found either in bird's nests or by harvesting the bodies of dead parrots, which are often scattered around the map.

How to Find Green Hell Brazil Nuts

Most importantly, though, you'll need Brazil Nuts. Green Hell Brazil nuts are found at the base of the large trees, and harvesting them will supply you with the bowl.

How to Craft a Hook for the Fishing Rod

Once you have collected your materials and assembled your fishing rod, you will need a hook. These are incredibly easy to assemble and require either a bone needle or fishbone.

Harvesting a fish will supply you with a fishbone, and harvesting a bone will provide you with a bone needle. A bone is easily found on the carcasses of dead animals. Placing either in the crafting menu will prompt you to craft a hook.

Once you have your hook, equip it to the fishing rod. Next, open your backpack and drag the hook across to the rod to combine the two.

How to Get Bait for the Fishing Rod

Now that you have your fully assembled fishing rod, the last component needed is bait. Small insects and mushrooms can be used as bait. However, if you found a bone in an animal carcass, it will also have maggots that will work just as well.

Like how you combined the rod and hook, open your backpack/inventory, and drag your bait across onto the fishing rod.

And that's that on how to craft the Green Hell fishing rod. Now that you know how to get all of the crafting materials, including the Brazil Nut, you'll be able to relax by the water and let time fade away. If you'd like to catch fish while multitasking, consider building a fish trap. We have a guide on that, too

How to Save in Green Hell Wed, 09 Jun 2021 12:00:01 -0400 Aaron Bayne

Survival game Green Hell has finally arrived on consoles, and as you tackle thirst, insanity, malnourishment, and parasites, you’ll want to know how to save as quickly and as much as possible. Why? Because you'll probably die — a lot. There are plenty of things in Green Hell that can kill you. 

Luckily, with one simple tool, it's relatively easy to do. Here's how to save in Green Hell

How to Save in Green Hell

When first starting Green Hell, choosing between story and survival mode will alter how many options you have for saving. Survival mode allows you to save through built structures. However, the story mode also provides savepoints via calendars, which can be found at abandoned outposts around the jungle.

How to Build a Save Point in Green Hell

If you search through the structure panel of your notebook, you can sift through several structures, which range from bamboo-based buildings to simple banana leaf beds. However, looking at the bottom of each page will inform you if this structure allows savepoints. Some do. Some don't. 

Since you're likely early on in the game when wondering how to save in Green Hell, you’ll want to go for the easiest to assemble Small Shelter, which will require the following crafting supplies:

  • 2x Log
  • 8x Long Stick
  • 9x Rope
  • 26x Palm Leaf

Collecting these crafting supplies is relatively easy, though it does require one tool: the bone knife. Luckily, finding a bone knife is also pretty simple. One can be found at the first abandoned village you encounter after the tutorial.

How to Find the Bone Knife

Among the ruined huts, you’ll spot a hammock that allows you to sleep. Beside the hammock lies your first bone knife, which is a surprisingly durable blade.

Now, at this point in the game, you cannot chop down any trees, but the bone knife will allow you to chop down thin trees, which are plentiful around this first village area.

Approaching and chopping down trees will provide the majority of your needed materials. After a few swipes, trees will break down into logs, long sticks, sticks, and small sticks. While sticks and small sticks aren’t needed for this structure, they are incredibly useful to have, as they are required for most other simple structures.

Rope can be found dangling down the side of larger trees. The vine-like rope is called Liana, and this too is handy to have beyond what is needed for the saving structure.

And finally, you’re palm leaves are found all around you, and are the sharper, jagged-looking leaves – not to be mixed up with the wider and greener banana leaves. You can only carry six at a time, so you’ll be carting your tropical cover back and forth for a little while. 

Once the Small Shelter is assembled, simply approach the structure, and the save option will pop up. You are allowed up to four separate saves, which will easily fill up with your various stages of near-death. Did we mention that Green Hell is pretty hard? 

Saving structures are particularly helpful when you begin to venture further afield in the jungle. If you sense danger ahead, you can quickly chop down some nearby trees and throw up a new save point.

And that's how to save in Green Hell. For more on Green Hell, consider heading over to our main jungle-survivel guides page for more tips and tricks. 

Necromunda: Hired Gun Inventory System — How to Open and Use It Tue, 08 Jun 2021 20:56:06 -0400 Luke Shaw

Necromunda: Hired Gun inventory management isn't exactly straight forward. In many ways, the Warhammer FPS has a really back to basics feel in terms of its shooting and platforming. Its fast-paced run-n-gun action is reminiscent of shooters from the 1990s, streamlining as much of its inventory as it can. 

However, there is an inscrutable level of inventory management that can get in the way if you enjoy the shooting. This brief Necromunda: Hired Gun inventory guide will help you understand what's going on with the Inventory systems in the game. 

How the Necromunda Hired Gun Inventory Works

To keep the gameplay in Hired Gun streamlined, developers Streum On Studio have made it so there is no accessible inventory in the game. All item shuffling is dealt with in the mission setup stage.

During missions, you have a near-infinite stash of weapons that you can collect but can't use. There is only one weapon slot opening for swapping weapons during a mission, but anything you pick up will disappear into your invisible stash.

The only things you can pick up and purchase during missions are Stimms — which you can either buy from terminals or find around the map — and Proximity Grenades that often turn up near medkits.

At the end of a mission, you will get to check everything you picked up in the loot screen. You have limited slots for each type of loot, shown on your character model to the right of the screen. 

If there is loot that you want to keep, you'll need to click it and click a slot you want to put it into. Anything that doesn't get put into a slot will get sold when you quit the inventory screen. Remember that you have 25 slots for both Archeotech and Lucky charms, which you can switch through.

For weapons, armor, items, Archaeotech, and Lucky Charms, it's worth comparing and contrasting what you've got before you equip them, only taking gear with flat stat boosts.

For guns, you will probably want to look into things a bit closer. Check out what type of weapon it is and what its overall stats are. There are only four pistol slots, four basic slots, four heavy slots, and three special slots, so fill them up wisely.

As previously mentioned, anything you don't take out of the loot screen will be sold for credits. You can then use these credits in Martyr's End to buy new weapons, new augments, and weapon parts.

Sometimes the flexibility afforded by weapon customization and mods outstrips raw firepower, so consider selling pricey weapons if your core arsenal is already pretty solid. 

And that's how you "access" the Necromunda: Hired Gun inventory. While you can't use it like inventories found in other modern shooters, you can use it to sift through your loot and pick the best pieces to keep. It's also one place you can equip guns in the game. For the other, check out our guide on equipping weapons.

Necromunda: Hired Gun — How to Equip Weapons Tue, 08 Jun 2021 20:41:33 -0400 Luke Shaw

Necromunda: Hired Gun has a really back-to-basics feel in terms of its shooting and platforming. It's fast-paced run-n-gun action not a world away from the shooters of the early 1990s. Despite this, it has a strange way of managing weaponry and equipment. Unlike Doom and other games of its ilk, you can pick up every weapon you find in a level. But how do you equip weapons in Necromunda: Hired Gun

This quick guide will tell you how to equip weapons in and out of missions in Necromunda: Hired Gun so you always have the right guns and death dealers at your disposal. 

Necromunda: Hired Gun How to Equip Weapons In and Out Missions

You may have missed the prompt in the first tutorial mission, which explains that you can have a special slot to equip weapons to during missions. Every other weapon you pick up simply goes to your armory and can be kept or sold during the post-mission loot screen.

You can chop and change your single weapon slot as many times as you want, but be sure to pick up the weapons you come across and don't leave anything behind.

As mentioned in our inventory guide, there is no Necromunda: Hired Gun inventory, but a post-mission loot screen will show you all of the weapons you have collected during a mission. It also lets you choose whether to keep them in your personal inventory or sell them.

Between missions, you will find yourself in Martyr's End, where you can buy guns, bionic augments, and upgrade your guns. When you are ready to fight, you select a mission from the terminal screen. This will bring up your loadout screen.

From here, you can select what guns and gear to take with you as you battle gangers.


You will only be able to equip two pistols, and either two standard weapons, two special weapons, two heavy weapons, or a mix.

This screen is also where you equip your armor and status times, of which your inventory can hold four. But you can equip one and three, respectively.

You can also buy Proximity Grenades, Medkits, and Stimms here, which are fairly self-explanatory. Also up for grabs are Ratskin Maps and Treasure maps, which improve the quality of loot found in chests during missions, and changes which are consumed when a trapped chest is opened.

And that's how you equip weapons in and out of missions in Necromunda: Hired Gun. Now you also know how to buy and upgrade guns, as well as how many you can take with you into combat.