You'll need the Book of the Eons to progress in Ninja Gaiden Sigma's story, but you have to open the monk chamber safe first. Here's the combination.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Monk Chamber Safe Combination: How to Get the Book of the Eons

You'll need the Book of the Eons to progress in Ninja Gaiden Sigma's story, but you have to open the monk chamber safe first. Here's the combination.
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As you make your way through Ninja Gaiden Sigma, you’ll eventually come to a monk chamber in Chapter 9. Though it’s relatively easy to get to (we cover the steps to do so below just in case). It’s an important room because it has the Book of the Eons, something you’ll need to proceed in the story. So how do you find the monk room safe combination to get it? 

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Our Ninja Gaiden Sigma guide below tells you everything you need to know. Once you reach the monk chamber, you can read the notes on the table or follow our detailed instructions below on how to unlock the safe. 

How to Reach the Monk Room in Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Ryu in fighting stance, sword pointed at flying Monk Fiend gargoyle enemy.

Go to the main hallway of the cathedral and turn right. Enter the long rectangular door, and then enter the Archive. Finish off the enemies that spawn. Be careful of the skeletal mage that can appear and disappear at a moment’s notice. 

Once the enemies are finished off, a gate to a library will open. Next, break the glass on the right side and collect the incendiary shuriken. Once you’ve collected it, go left near the creepy occult paintings. A brick wall will be on your right. Wall jump to get to a higher platform. 

Library with glass display cases and metal globe in center.

Once you’re up there, you’ll see a wall that has a slice taken out of it. Equip the incendiary shuriken and throw it. The wall will explode.

Skip past the enemies that appear behind it, and run to the door. You are now at the top section of the cathedral. There is a door on the other side of the narrow path. Open it. You’re now in the monk room. 

Monk Safe Combination

Monk room table with candles, a diary, quill, and other trinkets on it.

When you enter the monk room, go to your left to find a desk with two candles, an atlas, and a bunch of stacked books. Head to the candles and you’ll see an open book.

The diary will tell you some clues on how to unlock a safe. Note down 2712, the day and the month, the monk writes in their diary. Next, write down the direction: right, left, left, right.

Solving the Monk Safe Puzzle

On the right of the monk’s room, you’ll see an unlit fireplace with a safe above it. Press the confirm button to start the puzzle.

Go clockwise to 2, then counter-clockwise to 7. Continue to go counter-clockwise to 1, and then clockwise to 2 once more. If you mess up, you have to reset by backing out out of the puzzle completely.

Monk safe puzzle with number dial and blue lights.

Once the safe puzzle is solved, you’ll gain the Book of the Eons. You’ll immediately be faced with a wave of enemies, and the door will lock.

Use some of the incendiary shurikens to take out the magicians quickly. In order to go into the underground section of the cathedral and move forward in the story, jump back down to the main hall of the cathedral. Be carfeul: there may be some enemies that spawn.

Ryu standing in front of table with candles and gold box with Book of Eons.

Either dispatch them or go up to the pedestal straight away. After a cutscene, you can drop down to the area below. 

And that’s how you get to the monk and get the monk safe combination in Ninja Gaiden Sigma. The game only gets harder from here, so best of luck! To make things easier and take enemies out more quickly, make sure to use ninpo!

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