DOOM is out in the next 24 hours - We are all DOOMed tomorrow

DOOM is out tomorrow! Who is ready to gib some space marines/the hordes of hell?

With DOOM 2016 releasing worldwide tomorrow, who's ready to bash some hell spawn, other space marines, or simply blow everything up while circle strafing? Maybe you just want to make some maps? Either way, you're covered.

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All of the classic DOOM guns are back, the Combat Shotgun, the Heavy Assault Rifle, Rocket Launcher, and even the BFG (Big F***ing Gun, for those too young to know).

The Hell Knights, Imps, Cyberdreams and many more enemies are more than happy to lay down their lives for you. All have been redesigned to look scarier and meaner than before.

When it comes to the multiplayer of DOOM 2016, the core of what made the original multiplayer so great is still there. The fast combat, the awesome guns, the cool power ups. With a bonus ability of clambering up ledges, you will be able to reach heights which were not possible, and move even faster. This all adds a whole lot of verticality and speed to the game.

Where DOOM 2016 won't support mods out of the box, there will be a nice map editing tool called "SnapMap". It will allow easy creation of new game modes by allowing you to apply your own logic to current game modes. You can also edit currently maps, and change them up to work better for how you want to play. It sounds like the Unreal Tournament style modifiers are now supported within the game, not just via mods -- which is very nice to see. Using "SnapMap" you can also instantly play, and share your creation with friends or the world.

DOOM is out tomorrow, May 13, for Windows, Xbox One, and PS4.

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Published May. 10th 2016

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