Dark Souls beaten with only voice commands, after 30hrs and 485 deaths

The incredibly hard Dark Souls beaten with voice commands.

Dark Souls Series is a series that many gamers know as being one of the most annoyingly difficult series to play. Players are meant to die in order to proceed. You die so you can learn from your mistakes and eventually learn how to progress in the already incredibly difficult game. It's very tough.

Just when you think Dark Souls could not get any harder, Reddit user GMABT found a way to make Dark Souls even more difficult.

According to GMBAT, he managed to use a program called Voiceattack to turn his voice commands into keypresses. However, this occurs with a massive 1.5 second delay in command execution.

Any Dark Souls fan knows that a 1.5 second delay can easily lead to death. 

Yet, GMBAT was up to the challenge to beating Dark Souls with voice commands alone. After 30 hours and 485 deaths later, GMBAT finally managed to beat the game.

The sales mark for the Dark Souls series has recently passed the 8 million mark. E3 this year also announced Dark Souls 3.


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Published Aug. 10th 2015

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