A Link Between Worlds House of Gales Guide

Your guide to Zora's Domain and the Tower of Hera in A Link Between Worlds.
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You have either just completed the Eastern Palace or the Tower of Hera. You are now on your way to the House of Gales in your play through of A Link Between Worlds. Before getting to the House of Gales, however, you must stop by Zora’s Domain and solve an issue for the Queen of the Zoras in order to get Zora’s Flippers.

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GameSkinny’s Stephen Johnston has already written up an awesome guide on learning to swim in Zelda. This will show you how to get Zora’s Flippers from the Queen of the Zoras.

 A Link Between Worlds House of Gales Guide

Head towards the X on your map. Jump into the water and swim over to the windmill looking tower. Pay attention to the symbols on the raised stones. Save then use your bell to go back to Your House. Rent the Tornado Rod from Ravio.

Fly back to the area outside of the House of Gales and use your Tornado Rod on both of the stones to unlock a switch. Step on that and go on in.

The first room of the House of Gales will have pots. Do the thing Link was born to do and break them. You will uncover a switch. Step on it to activate the fan vents in the room. Use the Tornado Rod under the vents to fly onto the raised platform.

 If you go to the north part of the room, there will be two braziers. You can light them and get a chest with a red rupee in it.

Go to the bottom of the room, hop off the ledge to get to the orb pictured above. Hit it to lower the wall to your right. Go back up to the platform you just jumped off of, merge into the wall, then cross over to the newly opened area.

Go through that door and fight some Armos statues. Afterwards, a chest will appear. Open it up to receive a Small Key.

Before going through the locked door in the southwestern part of the room, journey back up to the northeast and go through that door. You will end up in a room with two vents that are blowing downward. Try not to get caught in their wind. Kill the enemies and then hit the orb.

After hitting the orb, the fans will stop blowing. Open up the treasure chest to get Monster Guts.

This room will involve a lot of merging. You will have to merge onto the moving block and get to the platform with the chest. Open it up to receive the compass. Merge onto the pillar in the middle of the room then get on the moving square. Get off on the west side then travel up.

Step onto the moving squares to eventually get to the platform on the right side that has the button. Step on that and then enter the room to the right. There will be another button. Step on that one to activate a fan in that room.

Use your Tornado Rod and have the newly activated fan blow you to another wirey platform on the northern part of the room. Walk to the furthest right part of the platform, merge into the wall, and continue right until you get to another platform. Walk left, hit the orb, go up onto the wirey platform, then jump into the newly activated floor fan. This will take you up to the next floor.


Go down screen, but be careful of the rolling spike thing. Wait for it to go downwards, then get in about the middle from its maximum lowness and maximum highness. Use your Tornado Rod as it comes back up to jump over it. Continue down until you get to the area with the pots. Break them to reveal a button. Step on that button. This causes a Small Key to spawn in the room.

Walk into the room on the bottom right. Go through that area, fighting enemies, and then go through the door this leads you to. Merge on the wall then head right to get to the balancing beam that the Small Key is on. Use this small key on the locked door in the southern part of the room.

Jump off to the right of the platform you come out on. Pull the far right lever to make a big chest appear. Open it up and receive a Big Key. Use the Tornado Rod on the flames that will spawn to temporarily put them out. Go through the door then head back to the main room and then back onto the platform you just dropped off of a few moments ago.

Drop off to the left this time. On the far left, pull the lever. This will cause a platform to move back and forth between the you dropped off of and the other one further to the left. Time your Tornado Rod usage just right to land on the moving platform.

Merge with the wall and head left until you come across another wire platform with a red button on it. Press the button and then head back. There will be a circle of fire with a Small Key in it. Put the fire out, grab the Small Key and then go through the locked door on the left platform.

When you enter this room, you will have to fight two flaming salamanders. Use your Tornado Rod to cause their flames to go out temporarily. Attack them when that happens. Repeat this process until both of them are dead.

A green portal appears that will take you to the start of the dungeon. Go back if you want. If not, head through the door that opens up for you.

Head down the stairs and into the room on the left. You will have to step on the correct buttons. If you mess up, exit the room then come back in.

When you step on the buttons, one of the many fans in the room will activate. Step on the farthest button each time. The one on the left first, the on towards the top second, then the one towards the top again. Go through the door on the top right.

 Go up the stairs and then around and press the button. This will turn off the fans in the room. Drop down then merge and head left. Follow the path towards the right to where you get to the two doors. Take the top one.

Jump down from your platform to the one with the green guy and the button. Press the button and fight the green guy. When the platform you activated with the button comes by, try and hop on with your Tornado Rod. Hit the black orb then exit out of the room towards the south, follow the path, and then jump on the big fan to go to the next floor.

In the room you end up in, merge with the wall to your immediate bottom right, then move past the hard blowing fan. Go up the stairs and into the room with the green guy and the braziers. Kill him, light the braziers, and then head left through the door that you just opened.

In this new room, jump down and cautiously fight the flaming skull guys. Use your Tornado Rod to deflame them and then kill them with your sword. After that is all said and done, head to the top right door and go through it. Go up the stairs, open the chest and get the Small Key. Go back into the room with the braziers.

Head through the door on the top now that you have your Small Key. Get on one of the moving platforms and use the Tornado Rod at the right moment to get onto the other one. Go through the boss door.

This boss is a giant eye disc thing. It is a very straightforward fight. It will try to hurt you and knock you off of the platform. You must use your Tornado Rod to jump on top of the disc and slash at the eye with your sword.

After you hit the eye a bunch the first time, the eye will close and it will gain disc stacks. Break these stacks with your sword until it loses all of the extra disc layers. Hop back on with the Tornado Rod. Rinse and repeat.

You will now have another Heart Container and, more importantly, the Pendant of Wisdom.

If you have already completed the Tower of Hera, you can now move on to the Master Sword. If you have not, then complete the Tower of Hera and get the other pendant! Stay tuned for the guide on how to get the Master Sword.

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