Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds - Learning to Swim

Learning to Swim in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds requires a fun side quest and the use of the new "merge" mechanic.

Note: This walkthrough has a minimum of spoilers, but is not spoiler free!

Zelda is a touch of puzzle game, a touch of dungeon crawl and a touch of RPG. It is a classic, approachable, balanced mix that has made the game a perennial favorite. In A Link Between Worlds, Zelda has returned to a classic setting, but a new story twist.

To get to the second dungeon, which is the Windmill Dungeon, you need to be able to swim, which means you need Zora's Flippers, which means you must get into Zora's domain. This is the first quest that requires the "merge" functionality to succeed and the merge functionality isn't immediately obvious. So, to get Zora's Flippers and to learn to swim, here is the process:

Step 1

Go here to this location on the map:

Step 2

Then you will find a Zora, who also can't swim, to the right of the potion witch's hut. To cross the river, merge into the wall behind link in the screenshot.

Step 3

This part doesn't require a screenshot. Follow the path up to the waterfall. You will be run over by a person. Then when you enter the waterfall the Zora's will tell you the issue that they need solved.

Step 4

To solve the Zora's problem go to the village.

Step 5

Go here, then merge into the wall and approach the person to the left. That's the guy who ran you over!

Step 6

When you jump out of the all behind him you will scare him into giving up the goods.

Step 7

He will either give you the smooth gem that you need, or tell you that he has already sold it. Go to the market to the left of this location and you can buy the item.

Step 8

Take the smooth gem back to the Zora's and they will reward you with the ability to swim. You will also most likely have acquired some other items along the way.


Published Nov. 24th 2013
  • sheniqua _4077
    i managed to get to the place next to rhe witches cabin but there was no one next to the river!!!
  • TiquorSJ
    Featured Contributor
    you can still cross the river even if he is not there, but you may not have progressed the story enough

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