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Alan Wake 2: All Tim Breaker Locations

Find out where the sheriff went off to in Alan Wake 2.

Several characters in Remedy Entertainment’s newest survival horror game tend to be shrouded in mystery. Our guide discusses where to find Tim Breaker in Alan Wake 2, so you’ll always know the location of this sheriff during the eponymous character’s chapters.

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All Tim Breaker Locations in Alan Wake 2

There are several chapters where you’ll find Tim Breaker in Alan Wake 2, such as Initiation 2: Casey, Initiation 5: Room 665, and Initiation 8: Zane’s Film. He also hums a distinct tune, so you’ll know he’s close.

Who Is Tim Breaker?

Tim Breaker is the current sheriff of the town of Bright Falls. He’s also the cousin of Sarah Breaker, the sheriff of the previous game. Players who’ve tried Remedy’s previous title, Quantum Break, would also notice that the character is played by actor Shawn Ashmore. Likewise, the name itself does seem like a reference to his role in Quantum Break, given time manipulation powers.

For the sake of clarity, yes, you do meet Tim Breaker during one of Saga’s early chapters. The interaction is required to progress in the story. However, I’ve opted to focus solely on Tim Breaker’s locations during Alan’s chapters, where the interactions are purely optional.

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Why You Should Find Tim Breaker in Alan Wake 2

Tim Breaker in Alan Wake 2 seems to know something about the eponymous character’s predicament (i.e. being trapped in the Dark Place, losing his memory after each loop, and so on). He’s also trying to learn the true identity of Warlin Door, who poses as the talk show host.

As for why you want to find Tim Breaker in Alan’s chapters, it’s because of the following:

  • Tim has unique dialogue whenever you meet him, thus giving you an idea of what might be happening in the Dark Place.
  • He has a board with more clues about Warlin Door’s identity.
  • Most importantly, you can interact with a map in Tim Breaker’s areas. This reveals points of interest, such as Words of Power, Echoes, and supply stashes.
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Tim Breaker Locations in Alan’s Chapters

Below, I’ve listed where you can find Tim Breaker in Alan Wake 2. This is organized based on each chapter as part of Alan’s arc. Again, I suggest listening for humming, which implies that Tim is nearby.

Initiation 2: Casey Locations

Rooftop: You’ll find a flickering lamppost northeast of the plaza. Use your Angel Lamp to reveal steps leading to the railway. Along the central portion of the rooftop just past the Break Room (i.e. save point), you’ll find Tim Breaker’s room.

Subway: As you venture deeper into the Caldera Station Subway, there’s a section after you obtain the Subway Station Map but before you use the Summoning Ritual theme. When you’re going past an area overlooking the partially submerged terminal, you should hear Tim Breaker humming.

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Initiation 5: Room 665 Locations

Alley/Rooftop: As you go past the alley to the west, you’ll gain access to the rooftops. You should arrive at an area with a water tank, which happens to have a Word of Power glyph. Instead of heading through the doorway leading down, check the walkway to your left. It leads to the lower portion of the rooftop, with a small room where Tim Breaker awaits you.

Oceanview Hotel: This Tim Breaker location in Alan Wake 2 initially stumped me. That’s because I heard him humming while passing through the second-floor hallway. However, I noticed that Room 209 was locked. To open it, I had to find the Room 209 Key, which was actually on a desk in Room 206.

Initiation 8: Zane’s Film Location

Poet’s Cinema: You’ll also meet Tim Breaker once you’ve reached the rooftop portion of the Poet’s Cinema. There, you’ll find a shed behind a gate, though the door can’t be opened. Instead, check the right-hand side for a crawlspace that leads to the shed’s interior. You can also refer to our Zane’s Film chapter guide to learn more about this particular chapter.

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Last but not least, there’s one more interaction with Tim Breaker later in the campaign. However, I don’t want to spoil it here.

In any case, that’s everything you need to know about where to find Tim Breaker in Alan Wake 2. For other tips, like where to find all Alex Casey lunchboxes in Watery or all lock codes and combinations, head on over to our AW2 guides hub.

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