Alan Wake 2: Best HDR Settings

These are the HDR settings you'll want to try for the eponymous writer's return in Alan Wake 2.

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Remedy Entertainment’s latest work is a visual delight that looks far better with the right setup. For those who really want to step into the Dark Place, here are the best HDR settings for Alan Wake 2.

Best HDR Settings for Alan Wake 2

I do want to emphasize that these won’t be universal for everyone. It all depends on your display and, more importantly, on your own preference. That being said, below you’ll find links that head to the optimal settings that many players prefer.

HGiG vs DTM for Alan Wake 2

Before you try to calibrate for the best HDR settings, it’s recommended to enable HGiG on your display/television. This is the general preference for players across many games since it’ll follow the developer’s set tone mapping. Survival Horror titles like this, which play a lot with dark visuals, are bigger proponents. If that’s not reason enough, even the game itself tells you to change your display’s tone mapping to HGiG. Further calibrating with the Game Brightness settings can help you pinpoint what’s right for you.

Using DTM might make it more difficult to see in some cases. However, it can be the preferred choice for those who play in a brightly-lit area. At the end of the day, it’s your display and your own preference that dictates how you’ll want to play, though.

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Game Brightness

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Alan Wake 2 balances brightness pretty well, and many players are recommending others to adjust the slider to a minimum of around 75. You can raise it higher if you want to, although it might begin to wash things out the closer it gets to 100. This is definitely something you’ll want to mess around with.

UI Brightness

The previous setting affects a major part of the game, but that isn’t the case here. UI brightness only affects text and other UI/HUD elements, which might be the most preference-based aspect here. In other words, this part is entirely up to you. I do suggest figuring out the Game Brightness first before adjusting this, though.

Follow these steps and there’s a great chance you’ll be set with the best HDR settings for Alan Wake 2. Check out our AW2 guides hub for more tips and tricks, such as how to fix audio issues and how to increase inventory space.

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