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Alan Wake 2 Car Puzzle Solution: How to Get the Factory Wheels Stash

The car cult stash in Alan Wake 2 is a bit of a math nightmare. Here's how to solve it.

Math-based puzzles can transport you right back to school, which is a nightmare fitting for Remedy’s latest survival horror game. Here’s how to solve the factory wheels car puzzle in Alan Wake 2.

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How to Solve Bright Falls Car Puzzle Cult Stash in AW2

While some cult stashes test your memory or send you on a scavenger hunt for reflective symbols, there’s one in Bright Falls that puts your math skills to work. To find it, head to Bunker Woods in Bright Falls. After you cross the bridge and go past the Break Room, head south until you find a truck with a cult stash in its bed.

This one is tricky to pinpoint. It doesn’t help that Bunker Woods is often extremely dark. To make your search easier, equip the Mayor Setter charm if you have it. Those map markers make navigation a lot easier.

The Factory Wheels Math Problem

This cult stash throws out several numbers, and the goal is to figure out how many cars are in a factory. It tells you there are 200 vehicles (bicycles and cars), four wheels per car, and two wheels per bicycle. If there are 754 wheels in the factory, how many cars are there?

Create an Equation

If you’re not interested in completing a math problem, the code for the factory wheels cult stash is 177. My inventory was pretty full when I opened it, so I left behind a flare, but it did give me some ammo, which is always appreciated.

For those interested in a little algebra. Here’s the process to solve it:

  • Write out the equation with variables. We’ll use “x” for cars, “y” for bicycles, and “v” for vehicles.
    • x + y = v
  • We know there are 200 vehicles, which makes the equation:
    • x + y = 200
  • Each car has four wheels while bicycles only have two, and we know there are 754 total wheels in the factory, which means:
    • 4x + 2y = 754
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Find the Value of X and Y

You’ll need to convert the variable “y” into something we can slot into the first equation. So here’s what I wrote on my dedicated gaming notepad:

  • 4x + 2y = 754
  • Divide everything by two.
  • 2x + y = 377
  • Subtract “2x” on both sides to move it over.
  • y = 377 – 2x

Now, we have something that replaces the “y” in our original equation. Here’s what it looks like:

  • x + 377 – 2x = 200
  • Deal with the “x’s” first.
  • 377 – x = 200
  • Add the x to both sides.
  • 377 = 200 + x
  • Finally, subtract 200 from both sides as well.
  • 177 = x

You have 177 cars in the factory. Now, you can open the cult stash. Although, you might’ve already been interrupted by Taken, considering how long you were probably standing in the woods figuring out this math problem.

That covers how to solve the factory wheels car puzzle in Alan Wake 2. For more tips like where to find all Alex Casey Lunchboxes in Cauldron Lake or all Words of Power in the Subway, check out our dedicated AW2 guides hub.

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